Anyone else struggling to still enjoy duels?

Content of the article: "Anyone else struggling to still enjoy duels?"

I really enjoyed Duels at first and figured with how quick Blizz were to implement changes that we'd see regular updates similar or quicker (new mode in beta) to Battlegrounds.

However now almost 2 months later it's already become incredibly stale and really needs an overhaul to make it enjoyable again.

Firstly the MMR system is absolutely awful. There is no place for this in this type of system (12win/3loss) which is why we don't see it in Arena.
All it does is lead to increased time between matches and guarantee a lack of popularity in the paid mode since you know you aren't ever going infinite.

Which is my second point. Not sure if it's due to the MMR system, the mode itself, balance within the mode or a combination of all of these factors but I can no longer get a match in under 1 minute queue time 7500+ MMR.
More often than not the queue time is 2+ minutes in later matchups. I personally completely blame the MMR system for this as I would expect to at least see better queue times for the free mode than I get in Arena.
Hell I can queue against 7 other people in battlegrounds in 1/2 the time it takes for a single duels match.

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Thirdly, class balance. It's become quite clear already there are a couple of classes that are outright dominant within the mode and just aren't fun to play against or even with after you've played them numerous times.
Warlock and Hunter and their associated hero powers need to be balanced.
No doubt there are varying schools of thought on how to balance these but I'd think chuck 1 mana on the problem hero powers would be start (harsh for hunter going to 3 mana but at 2 mana it's just too powerful). The mode is beta after all so what's to lose in making quick changes and seeing how it pans out? Can't possibly make it worse.

Lastly and still on balance would be outright removing some more of the problematic passives like double death rattles, reborn DRs, double spells etc.
Anyone playing the mode knows the ones – the ones you hope you get on your 2nd pick as you know it's the only way you're getting much further or have a hope of getting to 12 wins.
They are just so insanely powerful the entire top end # of wins meta is made up of just the few people who get lucky enough to get them.
And when you do get them? Yay lucky but it starts to feel bad to win so easily after you've done it a few times.
I get later on passives are meant to be more powerful but there is no balance here – it's just a lottery on if you are lucky enough to get one or not.

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Imo the mode has lots of potential, it's a great alternative to constructed since you can build "meta" decks for various classes far cheaper than you could in standard. However, it needs some time investment from Blizzard and they should be making more changes more regularly to this mode than any other since it's new and "beta" meaning they've at least got a good reason to be constantly messing with it.

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