As a random player what can I do about the whole situation?

This is my first post and I have been a lurker mostly and only started playing Hearthstone since Descent of the Dragons expansion. I play Hearthstone on mobile, Dota2 on PC and Chess on both. I am a pretty average player but do follow the competitive scene.

Recent developments regarding harassment met by talent and casters on the e sports scene has been an eye opener. I am appalled by it and feel sorry that the talents had to face such toxicity and also relieved that this is finally coming forth and they are getting heard.

These are just a few of the the posts out of many that I came across:


But what is common in most of these is that the offenders, facilitators or people who turned a blind eye were other talents, players or organizers. It wasn't the game developers if I am not mistaken.

But the I came across this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/hektdk/savjz_blacklisted_from_future_hearthstone_events/

How can we expect any better from talents, players or organizers if the game developers themselves are so shady?

What can me as a player do to make the developer and these people more accountable so that safeguards are put in place and actions being taken to rectify damage done?

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Source: reddit.com

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