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Hey guys, i'll try to make this guide as specific as I can to help you get to 8k(ish.. I think this is the basics you need to know)

In my opinion, this meta is all about Early-Mid game, because if you can’t have a good early-mid game, you won't be able to level to 5 = won’t have an endgame at all. I will try to cover the basics to help you start, and as soon as I can i'll give you more stuff about end game / specific comps and how to get them

Hero picking:
Your hero has a lot to do with your success in the games, and we can see heroes and Jandice and Maiev on average takes places 3.5, and some other heroes take 5.5, that means that if you pick the wrong hero, you are already in a big disadvantage.Use https://hsreplay.net/battlegrounds/heroes/ to choose there right hero

Early game:
Ill go over the basics first turns. Some heroes are excluded (Maiev, Rafaam, Omu, Pyramad) and so on – for those heroes we have special guides, link below), but this is the basics for most of the heroes and you should follow up to it.

Generally speaking – You want to get the most stats out there! You need stats to win early fights, not lose health and get you to the late game. If you are not sure what minion to buy, take the one that gives you the most stats! Buying spawn on turn 3 might not be the strongest, and you want to freeze in for the next turn. (Sometimes It's just math! Use it!)

Another important rule – DON'T ROLL UNTIL 8 GOLD TURN, this is a basic stuff a lot are missing, don't waste early gold, it's your best friend 🙂
Turn 1 – buy biggest Minion you have (you can take a 2-3 over Homunculus)
Turn 2 – Level
Turn 3 – Sell and buy the strongest units you have (*if all are very very bad, you can sell and level)
Turn 4 – Double buy
Turn 5 – Buy level ( if you already leveled, stay on 3 🙂 )
Turn 6 – double buy double roll / sell triple buy
Turn 7 – Level roll buy

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Tip – Don't buy Zerus unless you have a full board, and overall I avoid it completely.
Tip – If you are offered pairs and they are not terrible, take them.
Tip – Dont triple into 3 or 4 drops what you can triple into a 5 drop. Most of the time, if you can delay your triple by freezing it for the next turn to get higher tier, do it – most of the “comp dictators” minions are at tier 5.
Mid game:

Tip – before wasting gold rolling on tier 4, ask yourself “What am I looking for here”If the answer is: Mechs / complete a triple / divine shields comp / just some stats so stabilize before going to 5, you are good. If you just roll, you will die pretty quickly. There are no dictating comp minions on 4, and if you need to get a direction, you probably won't find it there.

** The are some minions that are going to dictate your comp, and we will discuss them later, but some examples are – Mamma bear, Bran, Soul Juggler, Baron, Hoogar, Razorgour, Kali (6) and so on…

Ok, so you are at tier 4, what should you do next?
If your board is weak, try to stabilize, get some big minions to survive. If you got to tier 4 with no pairs, low health and weak board, you know this is not your game, but that's ok! You just identified this game is not a winning one, let's try to cut the losses, don't greed, be as strong as you can per fight, and try to squeeze your way into top 4 / top 5 is also fine here.

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* Tip on how to decide if you are weak- just a tip (this tip is top 100% accurate, but may help you decide if you are not sure)
Over 30 health – you are probably good
26-30 – you are okeish
25 and below – you might be too low to level now, try to stabilize first

But on the other side – you followed the guide, you have a lot of health, you got good units, now you need a build.
The current meta is going to favor beast and dragons over anything else.
Most of the minions you want to build around are at 5, so you want to try and triple into a 5 drop / get to 5 asap. Rolling on 4 might not help you in the long run (unless you are mechs, if you are mechs, stay on 4, it's best for you)

This Meta is all about the 5-6 drops, early Mamma, Brann, Kaligose (6), Baron, Hoggar, Razorgore, Lightfang – All of those can help you with your future build, and you are looking for those, and after you find one that suits you, you can start building around it for late game.

There are many ways to get into the late game, and it will be pretty hard to go over all of them, but as soon as you find a “comp dictating minion” that suits you, you are good to go and you can build from there.

I'll try to post more about “how to transition to / how to get to” soon, but I hope this will help a lot of you to break some bad habits and have a great early / mid game, that in my opinion is the most important in this meta, because if you have bad early – mid game, you can’t build to late game (low health and cant level to 5)
Hope this guide helped you!For more guides about specific hero, and a great informative BG community, try this:

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