BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 11 – C’thun

C’thun is a new hero that was introduced to battlegrounds in the previous patch.


From what I’ve seen, the way high MMR players play him is very different from the way medium to low ones play him. In this guide, we will try to improve your C’thun games so you’re just like the pros.

A C’thun guide was requested several times, so here we go!Do note that C’thun performs best in a game when you have tokens (very important to the early game) and tier 3 divine shield minions (Dragons, Elementals, and Mechs)

The most important thing with C’thun – Hero power every single turn

When I spectate over our community members and try to identify mistakes, this one screams to the sky.

You have to hero power every single turn, including turn 1 and turn 2


Your hero power gets stronger every time you use it, it means that if the game lasts 14 rounds, skipping hero power on turn 1 will cause your hero power to be less effective for the entire match! You will lose +1/+1 every single turn, and you can’t afford it with C’thunC’thun is a hero that used his early game to build his board and hero power, taking early damage, to have a strong medium game and hopefully a strong end game as well.

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The first thing you should know about C’thun – Early game

In turn 1 and turn 2 (3 and 4 gold) you really want to see a token.

Turn 1: Hero power, if you have a token of shop, freeze, if not roll for it. Found it? Freeze.

Turn 2: Bob’s rolls the shop 1 time for you, so until now you have seen 3 sets of units, and hopefully one of them is a token. You want to buy the token, sell, and Hero power, giving your current unit +2/+2

Turn 3: You level up and hero power

Turn 4: Depends on your spell you can either level to 3 and hero power, or buy a unit and hero power.

Turn 5: If you haven’t leveled up, you do it now. Don’t forget to hero power.

What if I don’t find a token on turns 1 and 2?

In that case, just delay everything 1 turn.

I tried to write the steps, but it changes so much depends on if you found a token and what spells you were offered.

Make sure to follow the rule of thumbs, HP every turn, go for pairs and waste as little gold as possible.

Yes, when missing the token on the 3 first shops makes the game very awkward, this is why it is very important to find it

Mid game

C’thun’s entire game is built on pairs and divine shield units.

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Why divine shield? Because you are going to get a lot of stats, and divine shield is the best in that case.Why pairs? Because when your board fills up, you can’t control where your buff lands, and you probably don’t want to sell the buffed units in order to create space.

Pairs are great for 2 reasons:

  1. Your 2 medium-sized units will transform into a very big one
  2. You really want to triple into something that will help you scale better because C’thun buff is not enough to win the lobby. You want to triple into Brann / Lightfang, to help you get more stats every single turn.Take the pairs, but don’t take bad pairs just because it is a pair. Remember, you are probably not going to replace the units you buy, so make sure they are the right ones.

End game

I hope that by now you tripled into Lightfang (the best unit with that comp), Brann, or any other unit that helps you scale. You should have a divine shielded board that if possible, scales by itself (Hangry Dragon, Iron Sensei, Lightfang, and so on) and the right spells that help you grow as well.Usually, C’thun is not a first-place hero, but if you play it right you should get into top 4 easily.

To see the strategy in action, watch the VOD of How to C'thun.

I hope after you watch it you will be pleased as one of our newest community members 🙂

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I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to our Educational BG Community, with guides, tons of people to spectate and tutor you – all for free! It’s also a great place to ask questions and share your overall gaming experience.

We are building a place for players who want to learn, and we would love to have you join us!


For more guides and other content, be sure to take a look at our youtube channel, which contains many more guides,https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfhxcOCt0wq7y90pIcK-B3w

and read the previous guide: BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 10 – New Meta, Highroll or Dieroll!.

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