Bored of playing aggressive Rogue decks? Obsessed with Reno decks? Don’t care about your winrate? I have the deck for you!

So I'm obsessed with Reno decks. I made it my goal to craft a Reno deck of every class. About a week ago, I started building this Reno Rogue deck and its completely reinvigorated Hearthstone for me. I will say this list is most likely not competitive at high ranks on ladder. I've been using it to climb from bronze (currently at Diamond 10 with a 63% w/r).

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The goal of this deck is simple; stall the game as much as you can until you can use Kronx as a finisher, either by buffing a board full of lackeys or using his face effect. You want to try to get discounts on as many combo pieces (Kronx, Zola, Tenwu, Potion, Spirit) as you can to.

Reno Rogue

Class: Rogue

Format: Wild

1x (0) Backstab

1x (0) Shadowstep

1x (1) Armor Vendor

1x (1) Brain Freeze

1x (1) Mistress of Mixtures

1x (1) Plague of Madness

1x (1) Praise Galakrond!

1x (2) Dirty Rat

1x (2) Efficient Octo-bot

1x (2) Evasion

1x (2) Sap

1x (2) Swindle

1x (2) Tenwu of the Red Smoke

1x (2) Wicked Stab (Rank 1)

1x (2) Zephrys the Great

1x (3) Coerce

1x (3) EVIL Miscreant

1x (3) Mimic Pod

1x (3) Seal Fate

1x (3) Zola the Gorgon

1x (4) Devoted Maniac

1x (4) Potion of Illusion

1x (4) Spirit of the Shark

1x (5) Lorekeeper Polkelt

1x (5) Shield of Galakrond

1x (6) Flik Skyshiv

1x (6) Heistbaron Togwaggle

1x (6) Kronx Dragonhoof

1x (6) Reno Jackson

1x (7) Galakrond, the Nightmare


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Notable inclusions;

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Plague of Madness; I've been searching for some good removal for this deck when I came across this card. It has great synergy with Reno, especially since its so low costed (I usually bounce back Reno at least once per game vs aggro, followed by a concede)

Efficient Octobot; one of the weaker cards in the deck, 1 attack isn't very helpful. When his effect goes off, however, it can hasten your endgame a lot. I’m thinking about switching him for the new 3 mana heal deathrattle for a little more board control early game

Mimic Pod; This deck suffers from bad draw. Originally i was running Dirty Tricks, but limiting yourself to 8 cards at the end of turns is really annoying and gives your opponent power over your hand. The doubling effect of mimic pod is very powerful in this deck too.

Notable exclusions;

Spectral Pillager package; originally crafted this deck to be a Spectral Reno deck. However, the two packages are too clunky together. I dont think I played a single game where I could get full value out of my pillager and coins and ended up losing many games because I relied on a combo that simply didn't work

Cloak of Shadows; We don't really need this kind of stall. We run evasion to stop OTK decks, but we generally have enough anti aggro tools that we shouldn't need to stall for a turn (and we have no AOE so stalling doesn't really help that much)

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Shadowcaster: the effect is amazing, but it’s really expensive. I could see it slotting back in eventually, but I’m unsure what to switch out rn


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