Bottom Cards of the Week 11/14/20

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Valanar, Agent of Chaos

Guess Valanar got tired of being the forgotten child of the three princes, so he decided to be an Elysiana on steroids. Now you can forever win any fatigue game. Even the likes of DMH Warrior and Mill Rogue will dread it by its mere sight. Oh, look, I just top-decked three Treacheries in a row.

Mech Thoth

Oh, sweet, a 2 mana 4/5. And with no distinct downside.”Red, it does have a downside. It casts 4 different secrets for your opponent.” Yes, but since those secrets are also added to your hand, you’ll know exactly what they are, allowing you to easily play around them.

Sparkling Elemental

Infinite Spawning 3/2s, anyone? Get your Infinite spawning 3/2s right here. Only two dollars (or whatever the equivalent is where you're from).

Also, sidenote, da fuck is that art? It seems very off-putting. Maybe it’s the mouth. Yeah, it's definitely the mouth.

Natural Selection

A quest with a very niche requirement that offers a very inconsistent reward. Out of all the Adapt cards in the game, only 10 can be used for Druid, and only 5 that Druid can use efficiently. Once you do complete the requirement, your reward is a chance to get something good. The Adapts for your hero range from absolutely busted (Shrouding Mist and Liquid Membrane) to never pick this under any circumstances (Taunt). I guess that’s what happens when you make a quest for a very niche expansion keyword.

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A. F. Kay

Kill your curve for a highly unreliable and mediocre payoff.


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The Oldest God

Step 1: Fill your deck with cards from the strongest expansion (ex. Kobolds, DoD, AoO)

Step 2: Play a 10-cost card to Corrupt this.

Step 3: Win.

Does that sound fun and fair? No? Good.

Bad Ending

Just no. This card is already guaranteed to summon not one, but two 8/8s due to the fact that you auto-draw a card at the start of your turn. And let’s not even delve into some crazy combos you can run, such as the aforementioned Plot Twist.

Nerfs and Buffs Suggestions

Something not from r/customhearthstone, but from the main subreddit. You guessed it, it’s another one of those buffs and nerf suggestions. Yeah, there’s also a gameplay change suggestion, but we’re here to talk about bad cards, not that. And surprise, surprise, all of these are crap. First of all, buffing a card that isn’t even out yet. Like seriously, do you not have any patience at all? Second of all, buffing Patches, a card that already sees plenty of play despite it being nerfed long ago. And third, the nerfs. Gee, I wonder what decks he loses against lately.

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Silent Samurai

Oops. Somebody forgot about Coldblood and Rockbiter Weapon. I honestly don’t blame him, though. Those cards haven’t seen the light of day in months. Especially Cold Blood after the nerf.

Growing Mace

How can you tell if a dual-class card is trash? When neither class can use it effectively. In Paladin, you’re better off using Light’s Justice. In warrior, you have far better weapons to use such as Wrenchcalliber and Ancharrr and spend your weapon buffs on.

Angelic Light

More bullshit ways for Priest to kill you out of nowhere? Even as a moderate Priest player, I’ll pass. I prefer to win my matches by stealing my opponent’s cards and beating them with them.


A few points for flavor, but as stated multiple times in this series, flavor alone doesn’t save you. Also, who’s the jackass that came up with the name for that phobia?

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