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Hello everyone

I've been playing a lot of ranked recently in between diamond 5 and Legend. and i have noticed that there was a huge absent of hunters on ladder even after the new expansion so i wanted to make a hunter deck to reach legend with and i have made it prior to the release new expansion so i wanted to share my deck with you as well as a guide and why i made it this way.

The deck code is: AAEBAZ3hAwb7AckEhtMCzfQCh7ADj+MDDL0D9w3bD4cQ1RPHrgL4sQLd0gLf0gLv8QLzpwP7rwMA

This is a burn deck that make use of the hero power to burn down you opponent while having some cool synergies as well

*Now i want to talk about card choices before i talk about matchups and mulligans

-A weird card that you might notice is reckless rocketeer as it is a bit of a weak card but tbh i kinda like the card as it does embody what the deck is all about and is also a good finisher if you had a good enough opening but do feel free to replace it with whatever you feel is appropriate, for me it is somewhat funny to kill your opponent with this card.

-The secrets i have decided to play are cat trick because it is a great card against priests and i have been playing against a ton of those, and Explosive trap and Wandering monster are for the aggro druid matchup which is a difficult one. Feel free to replace those with ones you find to be better for the decks you are facing

-Rinling's Rifle is card i just put in there because it is a new card that i think fits the deck you can replace it with a second loot hoarder which used to be what i ran, and while on the topic of optional cards call of the wild is also there just because it is a card that i like you can also replace it with something else that might feel more appropriate.

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-As a last note on this topic garrison commander is one of the most important cards in this deck and it sticking on the board could be a game winning scenario for you. Also Deathstalker rexxar is a must-have in this deck

*For mulligans I feel like this is an easy and fast one if you have the coin you always play it and get out a minion the best cards to keep in that case are Mad scientist and Steamwheedle sniper if you can get out any of these two minions on turn 1 it is also fine to keep a Glaivezooka.

And if you are going first then you keep at least one two drop if you are playing against an aggressive deck you can keep Phase stalker for a turn 3 play and against a slow deck it is fine to keep Dragobane get rid of all the secrets but it is also fine to keep an Explosive trap against odd paladin.

*matchups: The reason why i did very well with this deck is how good it is against reno priest, big priest, reno warlock, cube warlock, quest mage, and even shaman i have played over a 130 games with this deck for the past 10 days and my records against these deck has been:

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-Reno priest: 21-8

-Big priest:11-2

-Reno warlock: 5-1

-Cube warlock:12-6

-Quest mage: 7-1

-Even shaman: 9-0

i should also note that these records are taken from both pre and after the expansion release so something like big priest wasn't at all a thing in my journey to legend but after the new expansion it got very popular.

Now there are some terrible matchups for this deck aggro druid feels painful to play against ,the old odd paladin was alright until the new expansion got released and now with the new support cards they got it feels a bit tough and odd warrior needs a good opening from you or you would need rexxar to hopefully get that win,finally secret mage feels like it can go either way.

i think there were some players playing malygos druid, pain warlock ,and reno mage those were in general good matchups for me but i didn't see enough of them to track my record against them

also there was only one hunter, one demon hunter and surprisingly only five rouges i played against so i don't have enough data on these classes.

lastly i want to express that this has been my experience playing this deck on the Americas servers ladder i know that on the other servers the wild experience can be a bit different.

And that is everything i have to say about this deck i hope you find the deck fun and the guide helpful as i said at the start it feels like hunter has been absent from the wild ladder at high ranks so i hope this deck can fill the void if you are a fan of the class or if you like playing burn deck and you feel bored with other burn decks in the meta hopefully this one is good for you.

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Good luck and have fun 🙂

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