Can we talk about Eddie’s performance with Turtle Mage?

Content of the article: "Can we talk about Eddie’s performance with Turtle Mage?"

There's been multiple posts complaining about this deck and how it's not great for the game because it's not fun to play against. Usually these posts get down-voted to oblivion with people saying it's winrate is garbage, if you don't like it "just concede," tech against it with Boompistol Bully/Living Dragonbreath, Zalae said it's a T3, etc…

But Eddie's performance over the past weekend (not to detract from his well-earned wins) proves two things: the deck can clearly be piloted well at a high level and the tech cards that "beat" it are not the panaceas r/hearthstone claims them to be. If anything, the deck has a decently high skill ceiling but can clearly be piloted to wins against some of the best opponents of the game.

TJ at one point said, "the only way the deck loses is when it beats itself," i.e. sabotaging itself (primarily by drawing both potions). This is the problem with the deck and why it's awful to play against: when someone is good at it, there's literally nothing you can do from Turn 8 onwards unless they've drawn terribly. Frodan's commentary was "this deck seems unbeatable in competition." You literally get locked out of the game and are essentially waiting for your opponent to make a mistake. At one point Eddie had an opponent basically unable to win the game while Eddie tried to draw a win condition. That's just plain unfun to play against and the reason that the deck is bad for the game: it takes away your agency as the opponent. The one game that Eddie lost after Turn 8 was because NoHands was rather fortunate enough to generate multiple silences off of a Sethekk.

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Additionally, the tech cards just don't do much… Boompistol only lasts for one turn and doesn't stop your board from being frozen by Frost Nova/Blizzard and Dragonbreath is easy enough for the mage to handle. These tech cards never made a difference in the decks that tried to run them.

The deck is just awful. While it's hardly the first frustrating deck but the thing that sets it apart from other decks is that it basically removes player agency AND draws out the game. If your opponent pilots the deck well, like Eddie did last weekend, either you beat it before turn 8 or you sit and wait to lose sometime over the next 5 to 20 minutes.

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