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Yes, you read that right. The best deck in the game. This is the most fun I've ever had playing Hearthstone; and I have played a LOT of Hearthstone. The fact that this deck is quite good too (As long as you dodge OTK DH, Mozaki Mage and Token Druid) makes for a literal winning combination.

TLDR – For anyone wanting to skip to the deck code so they can get playing, it's on the decklist image. Enjoy!

I originally started playing Ramp Paladin in December after reading a post by u/deevee12, my initial thoughts on that list are logged here. I kept playing through December and ended up with a much changed list playing a Salhet's Pride package ending up with a top 1000 finish. It was good so I kept playing it and I clocked into legend in January at 192, not great but better than nothing.

The deck had problems though, pride could only thin so much and the cards it drew weren't exactly game winning. Enter, Tip the Scales. This card does everything and more, it thins your deck, it builds a massive board and it even lets you take control of the board if you're behind. Obviously with this card cheesing it out early with Alura is nothing new but previously decks including it have been a one trick pony. Dragontamer was the missing piece, if they clear your Turn 4 Alura (Using an important piece of removal in the process) you draw the Nozdormu with the Dragontamer and then proceed to smack them with 10 drops and clowns. I got into top 100 last week with a list using Tidecallers but it still felt like something was missing and the release of the mini-set finally let me start pushing into top 100, peaking at 75 legend and still floating about in top 100, but Pokemon Unbound has caught my attention for now…

General gameplan

This deck functions incredibly similarly to a midrange deck and should be considered as such. You can play aggressively with early game Murloc pressure and switch the game up with a Nozdormu to start developing bigger threats. After you play Nozdormu you're often playing catch up as they have 10 mana first. It is this distinction that means you shouldn't always play Nozdormu if you cannot answer their response next turn, do you lose to a 16/16 Questing Adventurer or Edwin? I've seen it more than once. If you can cheese a Tip the Scales with Alura you always do so.

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Against control, you are the aggressor. Fling boards at them until they run out of removal, play around their removal as much as possible and position appropriately. For example, against Warrior if you clown into an empty board they have a free Bladestorm. If they have a minion on board with less than 4 health, they can't trade it off as the Bladestorm then doesn't clear.

Against aggro, you are the control deck. Trade aggressively and find a good opportunity to squeeze a Nozdormu in if you have big taunts in hand. Make sure to consider their burst potential.

Against combo, you are in danger. Combo matches such as OTK DH, Mozaki Mage, Malygos Druid etc are the most difficult to navigate. In these matches you want to pressure as much as possible with murlocs, Crabrider into Warleader is solid here. Remember, Demon Hunter always has Skull on turn 6.

Matchup info and Mulligan

  • General/All match ups – Always keep Dragontamer and/or Nozdormu. If you have both in your mulligan, consider what you are playing against before tossing the Nozdormu. Do they play silence/transform for your Dragontamer? If you have coin, toss everything that isn't a dragontamer for Alura. Against decks where you don't want to ramp, toss the dragontamer too. Alura's mulligan WR with coin is 85% at the time of writing. If you do not have Alura, do not keep Wandmaker and vice versa. You can't rely on drawing a 1 of and a raw 2 mana 2/2 isn't strong enough. Keep Armor Vendor against aggro, particularly Rogue. Keeping Tip the Scales if you have access to a Nozdormu is also common, it thins your deck by 7 cards which makes everything else work better.
  • Demon Hunter – Crabrider/Warleader are decent keeps if you have both AND are playing against OTK DH a lot. Angling Rod can be good against the aggro/soul variants. Ooze is also good if you choose to keep it in the deck.
  • Druid – Hope it isn't Token or Malygos, nothing specific other than the General.
  • Hunter – Armor Vendor is a keep here. With coin you can keep Angling Rod for turn 2 Phase Stalker shenanigans. If you play Broom instead of Ooze that is also a keep as it is good for testing against Freezing Trap.
  • Mage – Can be difficult against mage, particularly Mozaki. They have access to so much freeze that your big minions are worse. Keeping Tip the Scales if you have access to Noz isn't a bad idea but be aware of the Mozaki potential if you give them 10 mana.
  • Paladin – Paladin matches are all about board presence, weapon can be good if you have coin.
  • Priest – Nothing specific other than General. Hope they can't generate more Soul Mirrors?
  • Rogue – Armor Vendor is excellent against Rogue, if they're playing whirlkick list make sure that you have answer to a big Questing/Edwin before you noz.
  • Warrior – Nothing specific other than General. ETC has fallen off in popularity which is something, be careful of Alura being able to pull bombs out.
  • Warlock – Armor Vendor great against Zoo and it blocking Flesh Giant reductions is hilarious. Tip the scales great keep here if you have access to Nozdormu.
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Card options/replacements

Carousel Gryphon is a flex spot. Should probably be a Barov or something, particularly if you play broomsticks.

In the list I have included there is an Ooze, this is not necessary I just happened to be playing against a lot of Hyper Stealth Rogue. I would put back in an Animated Broomstick which is bad in that matchup because you can't attack any of their stealthed minions anyway!

I have seen people using Circus Amalgam instead of Strongman. Amalgam has the lowest mulligan AND played WR bar Y'shaarj on HSReplay. I don't even think the Y'shaarj is getting a fair lick in that particular list because you remove half of the corrupt cards! This is Ramp Paladin, why would you want to ruin your consistency at drawing ramp? Yes, it's great if you get it off of Tip the Scales but what against? The full board of Murlocs is enough pressure as is and it reduces your chance at pulling the rush minions and warleaders, which actively remove threats. Don't play Amalgam.

Signing off

I don't write reddit posts often so I don't know how to do the images properly, if anyone can advise that would be outstanding!Glad people are enjoying the deck and if I've missed anything out please let me know. At the time of writing this exact list has the highest win rate of any paladin deck in Legend. Happy smorcing!

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