CompetitiveHS State of the Sub – July 20th 2021

Happy Tuesday everyone – the Moderators and I have been working on revisions to the sub behind the scenes that we wanted to share with y'all. Overall, we're hoping that these changes make the subreddit easier to navigate overall while also slightly loosening the wording in our posting restrictions to reflect how we actually handle new guides. Over the next couple of week we'll be closely monitoring the changes to if theres anything else worth changing but, for now, we're super excited to try something new!

As always, if there's anything not covered below that you wish to talk through feel free to reach out through modmail, we're always happy to hear the communities feedback and ideas. Looking forward to storming Stormwind with y'all!

AskHS + WWWI Merge

In the subs current state, something we've noticed has been:

  • A large amount of quality content is getting drowned out by the daily AskHS + WWWI Threads that are each posted once a day
  • AskHS Questions posted towards the end of the day / beginning of the next day often get overlooked due to a new thread popping up
  • Often, posts in the WWWI threads lead to discussions about the meta-game. In a sense, they can be rephrased as "Why is this deck working in the current meta game + what changes could be made to improve it's performance", leading to some amount of ambiguity and overlap
  • As of right now, Reddit only supports having two sticky threads at a time – meaning that we wont be able to properly hi-light posts while the current system still exists.

Because of the above, we're going to experiment with merging the daily AskHS and Whats Working What Isn't threads into one discussion thread posted either monthly or on an expansion-by-expansion basis, whichever feels more comfortable, starting tomorrow. This will hopefully free us up to sticky discussion topics that are more relevant to whats happening within the community, such as user-created card-reveal threads, "Day x theorycrafting" threads, and Moderator communications or select discussions

Posting Rules Revision

In the subs current state, we're finding that theres more ambiguity than we'd like around what posts are and aren't allowed, making it tough for new users to post to the subreddit confidently.

Deck Guides Requirements:

  • OLD: Deck guides require proof of 50+ games at Diamond 5 or higher. This is to ensure that the OP is speaking from experience. This requirement is fulfilled by posting your tracked stats from Hearthstone Deck Tracker or similar programs. If you do not have stats available, the moderators will make a judgment call based on the quality of the post's content.
  • NEW: Deck guides must demonstrate an advanced understanding of the deck being used. The easiest way to demonstrate this is by including your statistics using the deck, otherwise posts will be kept and removed based on moderator discretion.

We find that most of our decisions around posts come down to what they contribute to the community. We'll still work to curate the subreddit so that it remains a place for quality compeititve discussion, however in removing this restriction our hope is that content creators without access to deck trackers and new users will feel like theres less of a barrier to entry to posting.

  • OLD: Deck guides must contain a decklist image, a Hearthstone deck code in the guide, and a comment containing nothing but the deck code for mobile users. Note: Hearthpwn / off-site deck builder links do NOT count as meeting this requirement
  • NEW: Deck guides must contain a Hearthstone deck code in the guide alongside a comment containing nothing but the deck code for mobile users. Note: Hearthpwn / off-site deck builder links do NOT count as meeting this requirement.

Again, we're hoping to reduce the barriers to entry for posting within the subreddit.

Moderator Applications

Within the next couple of days we'll be reopening our moderator applications with a process we're hoping will let the community decide who they want filtering their posts. We're still ironing out the details behind the scenes but if you're interested in becoming a moderator, stay tuned for more!


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