Cool Zoo Warlock List (Looking for Suggestions)

Content of the article: "Cool Zoo Warlock List (Looking for Suggestions)"

I got what I think is a really neat zoo deck that builds on some of the template from the zoo outlands meta I remember seeing occasionally in masters tournaments.


Flame Imp x2

Void Walker x2

Wicked Whispers x2

Boneweb Egg x2

Expired Merchant x2

Kanrethad Ebonlocke x1

Midway Maniac x2

Wriggling Horror x2

Chaos Gazer x2

Darkmoon Statue x1

Free Admission x2

Manari Mosher x2

Revenant Rascal x2

Fire Breather x2

Nightshade Matron x2

Hand of Guldan x2

Key cards:

Hand of Guldan is the star of the deck, acting as a draw engine to fuel the deck without losing tempo on board. Activators are Nightshade matron and expired merchant, and very rarely the wicked whispers. These 3 were the build around of the deck, and are the key parts of the frame I remember seeing in the masters tour. Playing a 5/5 with rush with draw 3 is incredible, and very versatile for reacting to the board in ways zoo has struggled to in the past. The 2/1 expired merchant, while lacking in stats for the aggro deck, provides fuel with the 2 copies of hand of guldan we can use later when we draw and play the matrons. Additionally, its versatile enough to give us some extra copies of our 3 drops when we just need to go on board.

Fire breather seems to be an incredible card for this deck that I hadn't expected to perform this well. She's got the potential to clear wide boards other aggro players generate with ease. Some minions popular right now that this works well against include shamans Pit Master, Totems (only if the board was contested early on), and hunter beasts (snake trap, tour guide). Against control players she can be useful for breaking taunts with a prexisting board that would have otherwise caused some really bad trades. Additinal use case is playing and cracking the boneweb eggs on the board with an upside of potentially clearing opponents boards. Overall, its a solid tool for contesting the board against aggro around turns 4-5, and useful for reducing life totals on taunts and other annoying minions against control.

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Wriggling horror, Wicked Whispers, and Darkmoon Statue allow us to generate some truly disgusting stats with what feels like decent consistency. Particularly, horror and whispers can protect the board from cards like flame ward and explosive trap in the earlier turns, and very frequently change the break points on trades when they're necessary. Darkmoon statue is a card I'm not fully convinced on, but for the sake of experimenation its included as a 1 of. The upside of playing a turn 5 chillwind yeti with a passive attack buff to the board is incredible, but more often than not it comes down as a 0/5 in the last turn during the final push for lethal. Whispers is a really strong card to synergize with the high health taunts in the deck. Especially against soul shard demon hunter, setting down a void caller or midway maniac and buffing their health totals to odd values can be painful for them. Hitting the egg on turn 1 is a nice high roll, generating 6/4 stats on turn 1. Doing it on later turns when the board is developed with a few minions is incredibly powerful.

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Brief mentions include Kanrethad, Rev Rascal, Free Admission, and Manari Mosher. KT is great for dropping down alongside something to fill out the curve, and can be a board in a box that gives the deck one high end solid board in a card you're guaranteed to not draw turns 1 and 2. Rascal is a bit like anti ramp, keeping control players down in the stone ages while you develop your board. Unfortunately, its not as aggressively statted as you might want for an aggro deck, and its not a demon so it can't be targeted for manari mosher attack buffs, but it still might be able to make the cut. Free Admissions isn't usually played if you can get your skull engine to light up early, but if you don't and you run out of fuel in hand its a solid reset with the potential to generate mana with some luck. Mosher is great for fixing odd trades into taunts, or healing against decks like soul shard that might try to race you in the late game. Of course it also gives the deck access to some small burst that can change losses into wins.

I'm curious about feedback and maybe some cards that might be great for the deck that excel at countering developing parts of the meta. Please, I'd love to hear some thoughts and maybe personal experiences about how darkmoon is going for everyone.

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