C’thun Big Dragon Warrior

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In this soul demon hunter / shaman meta, warrior seems to have the best tools to stay alive the longest. The issue is most control warriors that popped up so far don't really have consistent game plans, and menagerie and nzoth feel underwhelming forcing you to play suboptimal cards. So I decided to get back to old big warrior. Last expansion the deck didn't really work out because you had too few good threats to cheat out and often lost to fatigue, while against heavy control (i.e. priest) Most of your cards were played AGAINST you. Here comes c'thun, the ultimate finisher. Scared of priests stealing razorgore? Grind out the game until you win with Cthun. Against ticketus? You have razorgore which is an auto win against their removal, and 4 more cards to burn to win in fatigue. Boom squad and ysera are there to generate more threats without polluting your deck. (Sometimes they just get lucky and burn all your good cards, but any slower deck loses to that). The dragon package lets you run molten breath, which is excellent removal and survival tool against aggro. I climbed to legend with the deck from rank 5 with 26/10 win-loss ratio, which is a really respectable result.

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Some notes: i cut vargoth and one copy of dimensional ripper. The first is not really worth running with only 4 spells that benefit from it and is only decent as high roll. Not to mention minions with end of turn effect like ysera don't trigger when summoned from him. The latter just costs too much and is dead late game when you cheated out / drew all your threats.

Some cards i considered where the 4 Mana scythe (cut because the meta tends to go with big minions or boards way too wide where brawl is simply better), corsair cache to draw bulwark consistently vs demon hunter and bomb warrior (if you find these decks often you can swap it for the 1 Mana weapon) and athletic studies (while this is an excellent card in general, the only minion you're happy to find is kargath and rarely the guy that gives your weapon +1+1).

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MVP: boom squad is great for activating your molten breath since there is also a lackey that discovers a dragon. In general you will rarely pick the mech option, but there are some good minions there in omega devastator, scrap golem or claw machine.

Have fun!

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