Current state in Chinese Hearthstone players communities.

Content of the article: "Current state in Chinese Hearthstone players communities."

The resources of opinions are from these three websites, they are three major Chinese hearthstone players communities, if you know Chinese, you can read the original post:



炉石传说论坛-炉石传说攻略-炉石传说最新资讯-旅法师营地 (iyingdi.com)

And following are three posts which intrigued me and can be seen as representations:

  1. https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=24270493&_fp=2 This is a typical post which rebroadcast what's happening in reddit. Chinese players knows that Hearthstone designers don't give a fuck about their opinions, so they hope the reddit player's effort can benefit the whole Hearthstone player community. And this post appeal Chinese players to vote up a top hot reddit protest post. Here is one hot cynical comment I found interesting in this post: "I think the probability of Hearthstone will become a dead game is greater than Blizzard will increase the reward."
  2. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7093093398 The title of this post is "I did nothing but roping in a battleground game and get 2nd place", the content of it is " *** Designer,seven purely roping players in a single battleground game". And a comment says "I roped in Standard ladder and reached Diamond 5, I myself was shocked. The ladder is filled by quick-surrender and roping players." There are fights between roping and non-roping players, between script user and anti-script users. But there is an exception, there used to be fights between Blizzard supporters and other players. Now you can barely saw such fights, because massive of Blizzard supporters felt they were backstabbed by Blizzard and changed their standpoint(unless Blizzard paid money to them). By the way, I myself don't roping and hold anti-script standpoint.
  3. https://www.iyingdi.com/web/bbspost/detail/2321214 This is an official survey link post. In China, Blizzard cooperate with a local game company called NetEase to operate hearthstone. And this is a link post to NetEase's player survey about new expansion experience. I select some interesting comments: "NetEase: Blizzard, are you sure you don't want borrow some designers from me? I beg you to do so, maybe you don't want to make money, but I want to!", "I did surveys every time before, now I get it, it's useless, they know the problem, but they just don't fix it. So what's the heck point of doing the survey?", "Make a translation of this survey and put it on reddit, I think it would have wonderful effect.", "The answer to survey questions is astonishing the same!(Very disappointed)".
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