Discussion on running Cascading Disasters in Control Warlock

To preface this, Control Warlock is a different deck than Galakrond Warlock or Quest Warlock. I'm using the name Control Warlock because that's what HSReplay and ViciousSyndicate use. Control Warlock is the deck that corrupts Tickatus with Twisting Nethers, Malicia or in a pinch, Strongman.

Apparently stats on Cascading Disaster in HSReplay are currently bugged, it's showing insanely bad drawn winrates in every Control Warlock deck with a warning that there is a possible issue with the cards stats.

But what is showing all around great drawn winrates in the deck is Hysteria, a new addition to the deck from the Darkmoon Races miniset. What makes Hysterias great performance in the deck really fascinating is the fact that the deck already runs 2x Twisting Nethers, 2x Cascading Disasters and 2x Dark Skies as more or less similar removal tools along with more than a handful of other smaller removal tools.

I would argue that even before Hysteria was added to the deck, the one thing that the deck wasn't lacking was strong removal. And if the worst one of the big removal cards was removed from the deck, you would not just be replacing one of the worst cards of the deck with another one, but more importantly it should be a boost to the performance of the other big removal cards since they are just competing with each-other.

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On top of that another card from the miniset, Luckysoul Hoarder, has also been starting to see wide play in the deck archetype. As a corrupt card it presents another negative synergy in the deck together with Cascading Disaster and Y'Shaarj. Basically, when you play Y'Shaarj you need to have handspace for all of the corrupt cards you have played, or you might not get Tickatus back. The deck already uses Tickatus and 2x Strongman, and if with them you also run 2x Cascading Disaster and 2x Luckysoul Hoarder that's already 7 corrupt cards.

Of course needing 7 slots in hand to play Y'Shaarj is just the worst case scenario which rarely happens, but even needing like 4-5 slots in hand can be a big problem to overcome. So in this way, I think Cascading Disaster might also be slightly weakening the other corrupt cards performance in the deck.

To summarize: I don't think Cascading Disaster should be run in the deck anymore after the Darkmoon Races miniset, mainly because of the addition of Hysterias but also to a lesser extent due to the addition of Luckysoul Hoarders. But it's hard to say because HSReplay doesn't seem to provide accurate data for the card ATM. Would love to see discussion about it.

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