Disgusting: how much dust it costs to earn the 14,800 XP from the Darkmoon Faire achievements

Content of the article: "Disgusting: how much dust it costs to earn the 14,800 XP from the Darkmoon Faire achievements"

Hi hearthstone, it's your old pal /u/JamieFTW here again.

To add insult to our Reward Track injury, Blizzard has made it so that 14,800 XP is available to be earned from the Darkmoon Faire Achievements (from the main screen click/tap Journal > Achievements > Gameplay).

This XP is earned by completing 3 achievements per class at 1,100 XP each x 10 classes (11,000 XP total), and 3,800 XP from neutral achievements for a total of 14,800 XP.

BUT.. of course there is a catch. To earn this XP you have to use very specific cards. I've tallied up all the dust costs here so you can see just how high the bar is that Blizzard has set.

I have assumed:

  • You own none of the cards, and the cards we will craft are preferred to be from this set so we can use them in Standard.
  • You want to finish the achievements ASAP by using the maximum number of copies per deck.
  • You want to finish the achievements ASAP by not having to use less optimal (i.e. time wasting) "replacement" cards.
  • You are not willing to spend tens (hundreds?) of hours in Duels finding the cards in buckets and getting lucky in-game.

Trigger/spoiler warning: as usual in Hearthstone, Priest gets screwed the hardest of the classes – but we, the players, get screwed even harder.

Here is the complete list, with the results at the bottom:

Class Achievement Task(s) Card(s) required Dust required
Demon Hunter Good Arm Destroy 5 minions in a single turn with Throw Glaive <> 200
Demon Hunter Not So Lonely Control a Redeemed Pariah with 10 Attack or higher <> 80
Demon Hunter Feeling Ill… gynoth Deal 10/30/100 damage with Il'gynoth's effect <> 1,600
Druid RIGGED! Guess the Weight correctly 10 times <> 800
Druid Sun and Moon to Me Cast 6 Lunar or Solar Eclipses in a single game <>, <> 160
Druid Leaf Us Alone Summon 20/100/200 Greyboughs <> 1,600
Hunter Ride Together, Die Together Control 3 identical Deathrattle minions <> or <> 800
Hunter Toss Me! Launch a minion at your opponent for lethal damage <> 1,600
Hunter Tonk Commander Deal 50/150/500 damage with Darkmoon Tonk <> 200
Mage You Can't Take it Off Deal lethal damage with Mask of C'Thun <> 200
Mage Hall of Mirrors Control 4 Occult Conjurers at the same time <> 800
Mage Your Future is Clouded Draw 5/20/50 cards with Sayge <> 1,600
Paladin Yrang? Restore 100 Health with High Exarch Yrel <> 1,600
Paladin YoggChamp Deal lethal damage with Oh My Yogg <> 800
Paladin Lothraxion's Balloon Shop Give 10/30/100 Silver Hand Recruits Divine Shield <> 1,600
Priest Spoilers! Summon a Fortune Teller with 10 Attack or higher <> 80
Priest One Has No Name Steal 3 or more enchantments at once with The Nameless One <> 1,600
Priest You're G'huunna Be Sorry Spend 10/30/100 Health to play cards as a Priest <> 1,600
Rogue Forbidden Jutsu Summon a 10+ Cost minion with Shadow Clone <> 200
Rogue Myra's Unstable Empress Draw 5 cards with a single Grand Empress Shek'zara <> 1,600
Rogue IT'S SO FLUFFY Deal 10/30/100 damage with Prize Plunderer's Combo effect <> 200
Shaman Two Punch Man Deal 16 damage from Hero Attacks in a single turn <>, <> 800
Shaman Scary-Go-Round Transform 14 minions at once with Revolve <>, <> 280
Shaman Darkmoon Woodshop Buff 10/30/100 Totems with Grand Totem Eys'or <> 1,600
Warlock Missing: Holy Hand Grenade Play a Darkmoon Rabbit for 1 Mana <>, <> 2,400
Warlock My Friend is at the Front Draw two Demons with Free Admission and reduce the Cost of both to (0) <> 200
Warlock Escalating Antics Destroy 5/15/50 minions with Cascading Disaster <> 800
Warrior Mine! Mine! Mine! Destroy 5 minions with a single Minefield <>, <> 80)
Warrior Tent of out Tent Play a 0-Cost Tent Trasher <> 800
Warrior Bass in Your Face Trigger 5/15/50 Drum Solos with E.T.C., God of Metal <>, <>, <> 1,680)
Neutral Embrace the Void Play 15/50/150/500 Corrupted Cards <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> 1,200
Neutral Coulrophobia Control a board full of Carnival Clowns <> )
Neutral Dermatology Play a Horrendous Growth with 7/15 Attack or Higher <> 800
Neutral Harmless Little Bunny Destroy 5/10/25 minions with a Darkmoon Rabbit <> )
Neutral No Pathetic Cards Kill your opponent from full health with C'Thun, the Shattered <> 1,600
Neutral It's N'Zothing, Really Resurrect 6 minions at once with N'Zoth, God of the Deep <>, <> 1,680
Neutral F2PBTW Play a 0-Cost Corrupted Card, 1/10/30/100 times <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> 1,600)
Neutral Yogg Take the Wheel Spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron/to win the game <>, <> 1,680
Neutral Wheel of Misfortune Get 3 different/all outcomes from the Wheel of Yogg-Saron <> )

We crafted one or more of these cards already for another achievement so we don't count the dust twice.)

Adding this all up, you will need 28 Common (1,120 dust), 14 Rare (1,400 dust), 20 Epic (8,000 dust), and 15 Legendary (24,000 dust) specific cards to complete all these achievements – for a whopping total of 34,520 dust.

You are really testing the patience of your customers here Blizzard. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Apologies if this has already been written up elsewhere, I only just realised this and I thought it might be useful for the community. Special thanks to) /u/SpookyGhostbear for saving me some typing.)

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