Do you HATE Quest Mages, Taunt Druids, and aggro decks? Of course you do. Are you also worried about countering them directly due to a polarized meta? Of course you are. You’re also in luck thanks to some SPICE – Felrattle Demon Hunter.

First and foremost, this deck is not my original idea. I originally saw it in a thread on here, but I cannot for the life of me find the post. If the original user sees this, please pop in here to get the credit you deserve. I would also like to thank the VS Discord for some help tweaking, specifically Finja, RiceBowl, and Impact. The main change was tossing Fury for Executioner.

Felrattle DH

Class: Demon Hunter

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon

2x (1) Tuskpiercer

2x (2) Chaos Strike

2x (2) Fel Barrage

2x (2) Razorboar

2x (3) Chaos Leech

2x (3) Eye Beam

2x (3) Felrattler

2x (3) Felsteel Executioner

2x (3) Razorfen Beastmaster

1x (4) Felgorger

1x (4) Kurtrus Ashfallen

2x (4) Persistent Peddler

2x (4) Renowned Performer

2x (6) Skull of Gul'dan

1x (7) Death Speaker Blackthorn

2x (8) Illidari Inquisitor

1x (8) Jace Darkweaver


Proof of legend: https://i.imgur.com/9ydaa1W.png

My record for the month leading up to this was 71-52, which is a 57.7% win rate. My record on mobile was 39-37, which I can't technically prove, but I can prove my stats on PC: https://i.imgur.com/vKvhcAv.png

The two Felsteel Executioner and maybe a single Skull are your flex spots. Fury is good if you're seeing a crazy number of Druids, but it's not needed to beat them. Kayn Sunfury is good if you're seeing a lot of Paladin and Anacondra Druid. If you're seeing a ton of Libram Paladin, Magehunter is not a bad idea. Just remember the silence effect kicks in before the damage. Remember though that Executioner is how you carve up Mages, and Mage is the most popular class on ladder. If you start going nuts with flexing, then you lose out on the extra damage push you're getting to deal with their ridiculous 46 (+8) starting health.

To the point. The main reason to play this deck is because if you play correctly, you will utterly annihilate Quest Mages, Taunt Druids, and all the flavor of the month aggro decks like Face Hunter, Elemental Shaman, and Shadow Priest. They flat-out cannot beat Eye Beam x2, Chaos Leech x2, Fel Barrage x2, and Jace to replay it all. The PC stats don't really do justice to how favored you are in those matchups, because you can play any style (control, aggro, tempo) based on how the game is going, the matchup, and your draw. You usually have a good chance of winning barring outliers, but those will happen in Hearthstone so hey. I am trusting that anyone on this sub already knows intermediate to advanced play, so things like "smash your Peddler into their minion before playing Blackthorn on a big board on turn 7 to increase your odds of pulling Rush minions goes up" should be obvious to you guys.

Against Quest Mage, your game plan is to burn them down with weapons, your hero power, Chaos Strike, and Fel Barrage before ultimately winning with your 7+ drops. Remember, Mage has 46 starting health, and sometimes 54 or 62. You can and will usually still win since you're being smart and not playing minions until it's on your terms — this means don't do it unless your Deathrattles are going to pop out more minions so you can keep going face. The one exception is playing a 4 drop to Corrupt your Executioner. Here are some replays to show how these games typically play out:






You have to draw very, very badly or they have to go off for you to actually lose. Remember too that a frozen Inquisitor can still attack if you swing with your hero.

The other thing you utterly destroy is Taunt Druid. Remember you're the control and go farm your freelo. They only have one way to reliably beat you, and that's praying your early game sucks before they get 2-3 Far Watch Post or Greybough out. I lost only 3 games to Druid in my entire climb, and I played a LOT of Druids. I didn't keep direct mobile stats, but you can see the 15-1 record on PC. They straight up can not beat you without absurd highrolling. Some replays:







I could post more, but you get the idea. Control the board and win.

Some parting notes for the other 8 classes…

Demon Hunter: You're the beatdown. Mull for minions and let them figure the board out.

Shaman: You're the control. Elemental Shaman is freelo, and if played properly you'll win a lot of games from well-timed Renowned Performers. Those little 1/1 taunts ruin their entire game plan if you're ahead on board. The other Shaman decks aren't seeing enough play for me to comment on.

Rogue: Go wide, go hard, and go face. If Leech is in the Outcast position, keep it and kill Octobot with it.

Paladin: Libram Paladin counters you but almost no one is playing it. Run Kayn or Mage Hunter if you have to. You're the beatdown, but you also have to keep them off the board.

Priest: You're the control against Shadow Priest and the beatdown against everything else. Laugh when Kurtrus kills Scorpions while immune.

Hunter: You're the control. Mull for your heal spells. Face Hunter is an easy matchup if you play around Rhino. Quest Hunter doesn't have the damage to kill you, just delay playing minions to delay their quest and kill them. Eventually they'll start making minions with Wound Prey or something to have targets for Piercing Shot. That's when you play your own minions and kill them with Eye Beam and Chaos Leech. The matchup literally turns into a game of Dota where the winner is the player that kills more of their own minions. It's super dumb, but eventually you just play Jace and win. They can't outrace all your lifegain and eventually just lose.

Warlock: Handlock is the only thing seeing play right now. You're the beatdown, go all face all the time. Just watch for when they're close to <10 cards in library. If you're able, don't have minions on the board here so Bristleback has no easy target. Executioner + Inquisitor destroys them.

Warrior: They're almost all playing a form of Pirates, which is the most fun I had all month. It's about 50-50 and every game is awesome. Pirates and Deathrattle minions all crashing into each other and creating a huge mess. It's tons of fun, especially when they have no removal left for Inquisitor. But then they RNG a Bulwark of Azzinoth and laugh at you. Good times, good times. Enjoy these games, because it's the most fun in Hearthstone at the moment on either side. You're the tempo.

Happy hunting!


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Post: "Do you HATE Quest Mages, Taunt Druids, and aggro decks? Of course you do. Are you also worried about countering them directly due to a polarized meta? Of course you are. You’re also in luck thanks to some SPICE – Felrattle Demon Hunter." specifically for the game HearthStone. Other useful information about this game:

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