Does anyone else feel that the high power level of Aggro and Combo decks kinda ruin the game?

Content of the article: "Does anyone else feel that the high power level of Aggro and Combo decks kinda ruin the game?"

First of all, this is just my opinion. Everyone is free to have their own, so please keep the discussion civilized.


Odd and Even decks and things like Aggro Druid basically try and win in 5 to 10 turns and if it doesn't work out (or the opponent plays Reno Jackson or something similar) they just concede and try again. While trying to do so, they basically do nothing besides going face and basically try to ignore what their opponent is doing entirely.

A lot of these decks are further enabled by cards like Voracious Reader which basically screams "vomit your hand on the board and get rewarded for it."


Playing against something like Malygos Druid or Reno Priest kinda makes you feel like nothing that you do really matters, with the exception of Dirty Rat and Grizzled/Finley and maybe Gnome/Tickatus. Taunt doesn't work for spells and Hero Powers, so they only thing remotely Taunt-like in those cases is Mal'ganis.

Reno Priest has Polkelt for insane consistency and Malygos Druid has ramp and some of the best draw power in the game. I mean, Aviana/Kun combos where already pretty powerful and then the devs make something like Juicy Psychmelon. What did they think was going to happen?

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Quest Mage was once, and arguably still is, problematic and they tried to nerf it by nerfing the Quest. The problem is that Quest was never really the problem. It's the free Giants. What Quest Mage does with the Quest is similar to what Darkglare Warlock does with Loatheb. And, to a certain extent, what Secret Mage does with Counterspell. In this last case, the Kabal Crystal Runners sort of act as the Giants.

The worst part of it all is that most of this playstyle gets justified with "It's okay, you can just smorc them down" which again incentivizes players, most certainly F2P players, to only play Aggro decks.

Am I the only one that thinks that all of this is just really bad for the overall experience and quality of the game?

People tend to say "eternal formats lead to Solitaire." However, MTG and the likes HAVE to deal with their broken mess in their eternal formats. Hearthstone doesn't because it's a digital card game.

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