Even Paladin, the meta dark horse


Made it to legend yesterday from diamond 5 in one go and barely losing with Even Paladin. Feels great in the meta and I honestly feel it is being underplayed. Got to diamond with tax paladin and it felt way less consistent and sometimes would run out of gas.

Matchup spread:

1) Mage is a favorable machup, never lost against secret mage and lost just once against mozaki. For this matchup i recommend trying to get eater of secrets and dont hold 2 drops in your mulligan since you will always get a 1 drop off the hero power and a 2 drop since the deck has so many, so you wont lose tempo. Since the list is so underplayed i managed to win every mozaki/flamewaker matchup but 1 since my opponent felt comfortable setting up iceblock for the next turn waiting to pop off their combo afterwards but i would just play eater of secrets and finish them off.

2)Really favored against tax paladin. Can keep up just as good in tempo and it doesnt run out of gas. Hammer of the Naaru usually sealed the deal.

3) Hunter didnt felt like a threat, went against a couple of reno hunters and an odd one.

4) Shaman: Murlocs felt slightly favored but if early they play the 1/3 than gives murlocs rush and 1 attack, and you dont deal with it the turn later it can really snowball for them. Shudderwock is an easy matchup, they are too slow and weblord is great.

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5) Rogue: Favored, had no issues winning on board and putting down threats. Try to get call to arms in the mulligan.

6) Worst matchup are Reno priest and Odd warrior. You can out tempo priest and if they dont draw well its a winnable matchup but its not easy, weblord can delay Reno if it sticks but psychic scream can be very annoying. Odd warrior i played against it around 3 times and it felt hopeless, you just cant stick a board long enough, they get a ton of armor and you run out of resources.

7) Warlock: i didnt found many. The one discard warlock I found i went first, hero power, they played their 1/3 imp that draws cards when you discard, i played hand of adal, traded and he gave up lol. Won the 1 darkglare match i faced but it felt like he drew really poorly or just wasnt very good with it so i wouldnt count it too much. Lost 1 Reno lock and won the other by sticking enough pressure early game and transforming their big demon taunt into a 3/3, trading and finishinf the game. I still believe Renolock could be pretty good against this deck tho, defile to stabilize is REALLY good.

8)Druid: Found 1. Aggro couldnt stick much, opponent emoted a lot when I played corpsetaker 2 turns in a row.

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The best part is that it doesnt run any secret package so it wont be affected by the upcoming nerfs in standard.

Call to arms definitely gives the deck a buff it needed but the deck really feels powerful as a whole, many games i drew it off curve and it wasnt a big deal at all.

This is the list i found: AAEBAZ8FBpYJucECzfQC/fsC/LgDns0DDLEIiA7qD8kW+NIClugC0qUDjbYDysEDhd4DkeQDmp8EAA==

But I replaced Sunkeeper with an eater of secrets. I dont own Sunkeeper but if you do you could give it a try (replace it with a shotbot), I see it being useful against dark glare's giants if it gets more popular and maybe pushing some extra damage. For this meta keep eater of secrets tho. Mozaki is getting popular, it was the deck i saw the most of.


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