Fall 2020 Hearthstone Collegiate Championship – Open Division

Content of the article: "Fall 2020 Hearthstone Collegiate Championship – Open Division"

Fall 2020 Hearthstone Collegiate Championship – Open Division

We are excited to announce the Spring 2020 Hearthstone Collegiate Championship – Open Division! This season will consist of two separate premier championship events. The first split will run during September and October, and the second split will run during October and November. Both tournaments are free to enter for all college students in the United States and Canada. Tell your friends and register quickly, because over $24,000 in prizing is up for grabs! Does your team have what it takes to win it all?  

The Hearthstone Collegiate Championship is a unique team experience. Seasoned competitors and new challengers will form three-player teams that compete as groups using any teammate’s Hearthstone account. Any number of teams may represent a school, and teammates must all attend the same college or university. Hearthstone Collegiate Championship events are absolutely free to sign-up for and compete in. Part-time and full-time college students are eligible to participate, even if they are learning remotely. Act fast, because registration for the first tournament of the season closes on Thursday, September 17 at 11:59 PM PST!  

Throughout the first phase of each event, teams will play up to eight rounds of Swiss using the Conquest format. Each team will play two matches per week: one on Monday and one on Thursday. The top 32 teams in each regional division will advance to double elimination regional playoffs. Teams will bring four different classes to play a best-of-5 match. Each team will ban one of their opponents’ classes before starting play.

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  1. Be a full-time or part-time college student in the United States or Canada.

  2. Join up with two other students from your school.

  3. Play!


Register Now!

Tournament registration for Split 1 is open until September 17 with the first matches starting on September 21.

Tournament Registration for Split 2 is open until October 9 with the first matches starting on October 12.  




Place Scholarship Amount Per Player (USD) Additional prize for each of the team’s three players, provided by Steelseries
1st $2,000 and and an invite to a Masters Tour to be determined by Tespa Rival 310 Mouse, Qck Edge Medium Mousepad, Arctis Pro Headset
2nd $1,000 Rival 310 Mouse, Qck Edge Medium Mousepad, Arctis Pro Headset
3rd-4th $500 Rival 310 Mouse, Qck Edge Medium Mousepad
5th-8th 40 digital packs from the latest expansion
9th-16th 20 digital packs from the latest expansion

All teams that make it to the Regional Playoffs will also earn the Tespa exclusive Dalaran Flame Cardback.


What if our school doesn’t have a Tespa Chapter/Esports Club?

Being part of a Tespa Chapter or esports club is not required to compete in this tournament. As long as you and your teammates attend the same college and meet the eligibility requirements, you are more than welcome to sign up and get in on the action!

What if I am the only person at my school who plays HS?

We encourage everyone, even if you are not optimistic about finding a group of 3, to at least try the following:

  • Join the Tespa Compete Discord Server and see if there is anyone else from your school
  • Go to your school’s online communities (Facebook groups, subreddit, Discord, etc.) and ask around to see if there are any interested players
  • Comment on this thread with your school to see if anyone else also goes there
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This list includes incomplete teams and is up to date as of 9/11/2020 at 12:00 pm PT – if you see your school on this list and want to sign up, try contacting the team leader through Blizzard Battle.net or Discord (these may be linked under “Aliases” on the team’s page). Even if they have other members in mind, you may be able to round out their roster!

For more information regarding eligibility, check out the tournament rules page.

For additional help and support, please join the Tespa Compete Discord Server or reach out to us at compete@tespa.org.

Current Incomplete Teams






















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