Fall Reveal stream will shed light on the new mode and some more upcoming changes

Content of the article: "Fall Reveal stream will shed light on the new mode and some more upcoming changes"

Yesterday, the announcement of the announcement came out in the form of a video on YouTube, and the official Russian Hearthstone channel posted its own version of it with not only translated text at the end of the vid but a different thumbnail as well. Here it is: https://imgur.com/a/YOBb1YZ Interestingly enough, yesterday it was just a random pic from the video.

I checked all the other social media but couldn't find this image anywhere else/ Moreover, as far as I know, devs didn't say what in particular will be announced — apart from the expansion, as mentioned by Iksar in his tweet, but it was painfully obvious anyway — so I decided to post this here. In the pic, it says (from left to right) "Expansion with new cards", "System update", and "New game mode".

I think most of us have seen some bigger news than just a new expansion coming, considering we are promised "several major announcements" and it will be a full-fledged stream (just like in Ashes of Outland when there was a lot of news) but there still may be some people who are confused and think there will only be a new set announced and nothing more, especially after Iksar's tweet.

And now, a bit of speculation. Judging by the background image on the right, the new mode will likely be thematically connected to the expansion itself — but that's just a tiny fun fact. What's more interesting is that the freshly announced changes to Mage cards are coming "towards the end of next week", so not long after the stream. There should be a reason for that — a patch, perhaps? Which is curious because we just got one yesterday, with all the BG changes, but… Is it possible that we are getting the mode shortly after it's announced, just like with Battlegrounds last year? After all, the mode should come out in Phase 2, which is slowly approaching its end. We'll have to wait and see.

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The "System update" seems more mysterious. I guess it has to have the same level of significance as the introduction of duplicate protection, for example. What could it possibly be? My bet would be on a complete rework of the dust system which is very anticipated and, well, overdue at this point.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts!

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