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Been playing since the earliest of days but due to university etc I never had the time to commit to that final push (despite being painstakingly close multiple times). Had surgery on Sunday and so been in bed playing on mobile when not reading and/or passing out.

Mostly wanted to write this as a shoutout to this sub – I'll be honest, I don't really check it out that often, mostly come on to look at the card reveal stuff – the occasional fluff and that's that. In the earlier days I was on more often glancing at the latest discussions as the community was still developing and it certainly helped me be a better player.

A breakdown on achieving legend today…

Decks used:

Murloc Paladin (up until Diamond Rank 2)

Tempo Hunter (till the end)

Both decks are fun to play (I personally enjoyed playing murloc pally way more and in the previous season it got me to Diamond Rank 2 as well (did switch up to Galakrond Warlock sometimes just to not get bored but in all honesty – doesn't fare well past the basic ranks).

Both are very unforgiving decks and require being well versed in the current meta decks out there in order to know what to try mulligan for. I tested 5 games when I made the hunter deck on Monday in a few unranked games – went into ranked, got to Diamond 1, 1 star and then tumbled hard to Rank 3, 1 star and then had an unstoppable streak to Diamond Rank 1, 3 stars – tons of back and forth within Rank 1 and finally a nail biting match against side quest hunter which I narrowly won.

Some insights that may be useful…

I am a purely F2P player – again I am engrossed in university work etc so all my ranking up is purely doing dailies. I also try not to buy anything using in game gold until a new release of cards (adventures included). So essentially I log on, do my dailies, log off and when a new pack drop happens – I spend all my gold on launch – rinse and repeat.

Don't let a bad streak get to you – seriously it was terrible going from Diamond Rank 1, 1 star and then sliding down to Rank 3 but looked what happened afterwards. Two extremes but they illustrate the above well.

For any math nerds out there – and even for those who aren't – my inability or lack of desire to devout a lot of time (beyond dailies) is likely what kept me from hitting Legendary earlier during previous metas.

If you're a good player, using a top tier deck – the more games you play the likely you are to move forward (based on the Law of Large Numbers). So yeah there is RNG in the game but its manageable.


I hit legendary for the first time.

This community deserves a shoutout.

F2P and "casual" players out there – its doable, may require above average time commitment to make the push.

Thanks again – back to recovery I go.

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