Forged in the Barrens Set Reviews by Various Pro Players and Streamers

Hello everyone!

Welcome to yet another addition to my ongoing Hearthstone Expansion Review Compilation threads. It's March 29th at the time of posting this, which means Hearthstone is about to bring out a brand new expansion, and alongside it – a start of a new Year, and, of course, a rotation of the Standard format, as we wave goodbye to all 3 sets released in 2019 and look forward to two more big sets that will come out over the course of 2021.

However, I think it's pretty safe to say that the upcoming Year of the Gryphon will probably create the single biggest shakeup of the meta to date, because, as you may have heard already, Blizzard are also making the substantial changes to Standard by essentially rotating out the Basic and Classic sets, and replacing it with a brand new (well… kinda..not really…it's mostly cards we already know and love or hate) Core set – a compilation of over 200 minions, spells and weapons released over the years.

Anyways, as the rotation is nearly upon us – many notable HS community members are either in the process or already have shared their thoughts on the cards that we will get to play in just about 24 hours, and as usual I went ahead and compiled all existing and available reviews in one place.

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Below you'll find links to both Twitch and YouTube uploads (where applicable), as well as additional links to Google spreadsheets if somebody is doing a review with two or more people involved, so you can quickly access their ratings of the cards, or watch the whole thing to hear exactly why a specific rating was given to a particular card.

So without further ado – here are the reviews!

Player Format Source Featuring Additional Links
Ant Standard Twitch
BornToBeWild Wild Twitch / YouTube Nate Wolfe, Blakarot, Hydralisk, & ElectricSheepCity Spreadsheet
Brian Kibler Standard Twitch / YouTube Shiro
Bunnyhoppor Standard

Dreads Arena Twitch /

Fenomeno Standard Twitch Tylerootd, Hunterace, & Orange Spreadsheet
GetMeowth Wild Twitch The State of Wild podcast
Grinning Goat Arena Twitch / YouTube ADWCTA & Merps Lightforge Podcast – Audio version
J_Alexander Standard Twitch Monsanto & NoHandsGamer Spreadsheet
Jambre Standard Twitch Deaddraw
Kripp Standard

Pizza Standard Twitch
RegisKillbin Standard YouTube
Tarrot469 Arena YouTube Google Doc
Theo Standard Twitch
Thijs Standard Twitch
Toastmonster Standard Twitch Languagehacker & Villain Spreadsheet
Trump Standard Twitch /

Top-10 Barrens Cards
Vicious Syndicate Standard Article Final Darkmoon Faire Meta Snapshot
Zetalot Standard Priest

Aaaaand that should be about it. If I forgot to add any review you're aware of – please do let me know and I will add it to the post ASAP

Forged in the Barrens is launching globally tomorrow, March 30th, at 17:00 UTC!


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