Funky Metabreaking Token DH to Legend – 64% WR Detailed guide. Wrathscale Naga and Fel Guardians confirmed NON MEME.

Howdy folks hope you're all well.

If you're looking for a fun deck that tends to rustle the jimmies of those pesky Rogues, Paladins and Druids, here's an unconventional option. This took me from rank 5 to legend in an afternoon with a 64% WR. I present, WordSlice's Token DH.

This deck features some unorthodox cards such as Wrathscale Naga, Knife Juggler and Fel Guardians and I haven't bumped into anyone else running this package.


Deck Code: AAECAea5AwAPsQjHnQP9pwOLugPXuwPYuwPZxgPVyAP3yAP5yAP/yAPezgOC0AO+0gOE1gMA

General Strategy
Honestly I'm not a huge fan of rush-y face-y decks usually but this deck isn't *that* brainless. You seem to always have several different lines of play and ordering really matters.

This deck can steal the early game from any aggro or rush deck with tokens, pings and rush minions AND can slap control / combo decks by establishing high-priority / low-cost minions back to back. Basically you have enormous opportunity for tempo and if your opponent loses the board and/or runs out of removal, you win.

Control games often end with your opponent sticking a fat taunt in front of you and then you silence it with Magehunter OR roll over them with Wrathscale Naga.

I think that this deck is working right now because control decks are fighting face decks with big chunky minion based swing turns with cards like Commencement, Libram of Hope, a cheeky turn 5 Guardian Animals and things of the like. This deck punishes plays like that.

Druids aren't even running Swipe right now, instead they have some dumb Yak thing that you practically swallow with some highly underestimated combos.

Mulligan Keep: Battlefiend, Demon Companion, Knife Juggler, Umberwing. If you have turn 1&2 sorted, keep a Satyr Overseer, Skull of Gul'dan or maybe even Fel Guardians if you're feelin' fancy. Look at you go.

Screw it, I'm going to explain every card.
⭐ – Interesting cards of note
💀 – Bonkers cookie-cutter Demon Hunter cards that slap and bop all day every day

💀 2x (1) Battlefiend – Great card that has the potential to grow, but most importantly this tends to provoke a lot of removal. Folks will over-commit to killing it, blowing the coin and/or some limited single target removal, leaving you room to stick our sweet baby boy Knife Juggler.

# 2x (1) Beaming Sidekick – Early, low-cost clears can really harsh the buzz of this deck, so pushing your key cards to 3 or 4 health will allow them to survive those pesky holy novas and consecrations. Also they are pretty hot when you're duking it out for board control in the early game.

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# 2x (1) Demon Companion – This thing really works. Funnily enough, every option is great in this deck. 2/1 rush is great, smork smork. 2/2 taunt is great because it protects your stuff and the 1/2 (+1 attack for all friendlies) can be HUGE for your tokens. Drop this on curve and soar like an eagle.

# 2x (2) Chaos Strike – This deck needed a touch more draw, so I actually included these instead of Twin Slice. Honestly, they are solid churn card to smork, or for key trades, and end up being a great topdeck later when you're running out of juice.

# 2x (2) Furious Felfin – You end up attacking a lot, and a 4/2 rush tends to be really helpful to bust down a big taunt, but, also if you don't attack with it a plain old 4/2 for 2 isn't a bad little bargain at all.

# 2x (2) Hench-Clan Hogsteed – 2 damage immediately, 2 bodies, 2 knives from your juggler, 2 good.

⭐ 2x (2) Knife Juggler – The star of the show and it COULD even be the best card in the deck. Honestly, this card slaps. Genuinely unsure why we don't see it around anymore because often it's a cheat code to just stealing the early game, or just machine-gunning your opponents face.

T1 Coin Juggler, T2 Umberwing is a huge opener if you can stick it. If you're confident your opponent doesn't have removal, play it on curve to set up big future turns. Or hold onto it for some Coordinated Strike, Fel Guardians nonsense.

# 2x (2) Spectral Sight – Honestly when I initially built this deck I tried to slot in Feast of Souls (2-cost, "Draw a card for each minion that died this turn") but that card officially blows, even with all the support in the world. Spectral Sight is just solid, 2 cards for 2 mana, to want more than that would be greedy.

💀 2x (2) Umberwing – Umberwing is a real delight. What a treat. Token make knife. Weapon make attack. Juice up Battlefiend, spawn Satyrs and steal the board. Definitely the best card in the deck.

⭐ 2x (3) Coordinated Strike I know, I know, I was skeptical too. This card is often underwhelming if you don't play it with the purpose of activating another card. Never keep it in your opening hand and basically only use it with Knife Juggler, Wrathscale, to cheapen Fel Guardians for a big swing turn OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Try it, and when you get an absurd turn where you have both a Juggler AND a Naga up, you'll know why we like to strike in a coordinated fashion.

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⭐ 2x (3) Magehunter – At this point I'm pretty confident that Magehunter has been widely underestimated. It eats Paladin buffs, juiced up totems, and primes. At worst it silences a taunt or steals a little trade, at best it wins you the game.

If it sticks on the board, you're threatening another silence which is unacceptable for any opponent that plans to stop you from punching them in the face with taunt minions.

I'm a Magehunter believer but consume magic could be an adequate replacement if you're not.

💀 2x (3) Satyr Overseer – I don't need to tell you that this card is good because you already know it's very very good. Excellent target for Beaming Sidekick and best served as a post-Umberwing treat. Best card in the deck.

⭐ 2x (3) Wrathscale Naga – I BELIEVE! Honestly, 3 damage a pop really stacks up and it's not unusual to be able to sacrifice 5+ minions at once for 15+ damage. You're likely going to be dropping this on turn 5 or 6 with Coordinated strike or amonst Skull of Gul'dan discount hijinks .

Sometimes you'll have the option to silence a taunt with Magehunter and it will actually be beneficial to instead play Wrathscale and just ram tokens into it instead, hoping for 3 damage face pings (or worst-case, just killing the taunt). Libram of Hope doesn't even stand up to the Naga.

💀 2x (6) Skull of Gul'dan – Basically all of the cards in this deck are 3 or less, so you draw 3 free cards. This card is so bonkers that if, in your opening hand you have a turn 1&2 play AND Skull – just keep it. Probably the best Demon Hunter card in general, and undoubtedly the best card in the deck.

⭐ 2x (7) Fel Guardians – When I saw this card initially, I thought it was an absolute snoozefest. 7 mana for 3×1/2s with taunt??! GARBAGE! Well, past me is an idiot because this card wins games. A single Coordinated Strike brings this card to cost 4, and it becomes great from 3 mana onwards.

By turn 5 onwards, all of the face / tempo decks are running out of fuel and the rogue with a 10/2 weapon can have all the fun they want mashing it into your tiny taunts. If you've been fighting the tempo game, this often becomes FREE and you can hide a Juggler or a Wrathscale behind it and watch as the Paladins, Demon Hunters and Rogues scratch their silly noggins.

Pay attention to the discount and set up huge future turns with clever trades. Turn 6 Wrathscale Naga into Coordinated Strike into a Free Fel Guardians feels GOOD and provokes concedes.

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Try it and let me know what you think.

Good Match-ups: Druid, Rogue, Hunter, Paladin, Shaman, other weaker pathetic Demon Hunters that don't run Fel Guardians.

Early Juggler/Wrathscale pings, tokens and hero attacks make it so you can pretty reliably win the early game. They will start to use their face damage cards on your minions and you'll just end up with more value through card synergy. Often a crazy cheap Fel Guardians will just seal the deal and save your face from weapon damage.

Oh, and your control opponent will often dead before they get to stabilize / combo you.

Bad Match-ups: Priest, Control Warrior, Warlock, Mage(?)

Priests have phenomenal, cheap clears (Breath of the Infinite & Holy Nova) and Renews have a good chance to hit cards that yield incredible value against this deck, namely Penance, Smite, Shadow Madness.

Warrior is the same with Risky Skipper and Reaper's Scythe. The lifegain typically is overwhelming to the point that you won't regularly be able to finish them off.

Warlock aint as bad as the others as far as I can tell, but those cheap clears, man. They'll get ya.

I assume Mage could quite easily build in a way that crushes this deck too (Counterspelling a Skull would be GG, freezes, clears, abundant targeted removal on key targets etc. etc.) but they all seem to be running some goofy-ass combo big-mage nonsense that you can just clean up by turn 8.

GLHF and let me know if you have any questions. 💋💕


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