Galakrond shaman to legend (discussion)

legend proof


winrate piechart

  • winrate tracked (23 W, 10 L) – 70% WR

  • winrate isn't entirely accurate as i played some games or so on mobile without tracking

  • all of these games are from the last 3 days from diamond to legend

  • losses (tracked) are from reno mage, mill rogue, fatigue mage, even hunter, deathrattle DH, galakrond warrior, fatigue nzoth warrior, murloc shaman

  • other non-tracked losses i remember are reno mage, reno priest, aggro elemental shaman


Galakrond elementals

  • 2x (1) Invocation of Frost
  • 2x (1) Kindling Elemental
  • 1x (1) Toxfin
  • 1x (1) Wailing Vapor
  • 2x (2) Cagematch Custodian
  • 1x (2) Devolve
  • 2x (2) Earthen Might
  • 1x (2) Firemancer Flurgl
  • 1x (2) Ice Fishing
  • 2x (3) Arid Stormer
  • 2x (3) Primal Dungeoneer
  • 2x (3) Serpentshrine Portal
  • 2x (3) Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer
  • 2x (4) Earth Revenant
  • 2x (5) Corrupt Elementalist
  • 1x (5) Lilypad Lurker
  • 1x (5) Loatheb
  • 1x (5) Zilliax
  • 1x (7) Galakrond, the Tempest
  • 1x (9) Shudderwock



the deck is emerging as a top tier2-bottom tier1 deck from various sources and experts

i took some ideas from various deckbuilders and adjusted my list to fit climbing ladder

Thoughts on decklist overall

  • undisputed core – murloc package (3 cards), galakrond package (2 invocation, 2 corrupt, galakrond – 5 cards), elementals (2 kindling, 2 cagematch, 2 arid stormer – 6 cards), 2 primal dungeoneer, 1 loatheb, 1 shudderwock, 2 whack-a-gnoll = 20 cards

  • tested cards that i think should be added to the core – 2 serpentshrine portal, 1 devolve, 2 earth revenant

  • cards that can be debated as 1x/2x – zilliax, wailing vapor, earthen might, lilypad lurker, kazakus golem shaper, kronx, shield of galakrond,

Card choices and debate

  • I think the core is pretty much set in stone across all the decklists i've came across – not much debate here

  • Serpentshrine portal is a strong tempo controlling spell that allows you to set up coin whack > portal or portal > whack for great early board control. I highly recommend it.

  • Devolve – I dont understand why most decklists don't run this at all…I think 1 copy is great for those devolve lethals, over-commitments on the board, which happened many times in my climb – i think 2x might be clunky, but i havent tried it yet

  • earth revenant is MVP against aggro – kazakus is better against control but earth revenant slows down aggro so much that it is undisputed one of the best cards in the deck

  • zilliax – i think you need it to race against aggro decks. Decks that primarily hit face like even hunter is such an annoyance that every time i played zilliax against them it just saved a ton of health. If you are against control meta, then u could certainly cut it.

  • wailing vapor is somewhat of an odd ball. I cut one copy quite early on as it was underperforming if you don't put it in play in the first 2 turns or so. When you do start with it, it's quite good.

  • earthen might – i tried 1 copy and 2 copies for at least 10 games each…i think it's much better against control/slower matches than aggro decks…so depending on your local meta, you could adjust how many copies you want. The time where it shines against aggro is going first with a 1 drop and immediately slapping it on your 1 drop. you could also slap it onto your 1 mana invoke elemental, but to a lesser effect.

  • lilypad lurker – probably the worst card in the deck by far…it's bad against aggro, and mediocre against control for the most part. Most decklists out there play 2x which I think is absurd. The only decks that it is good against is big priest, the mirror match, deathrattle DH, and some odd midrange decks. You could argue that you can hex taelan fordring against control/reno decks but often you can't chain your elementals perfectly to use the battlecry. I think this card is 100% replaceable depending on meta. I am thinking of cutting it for another flex card but haven't tested it yet.

Cards that i have completely cut out (might be worth revisiting)

  • kazakus golem shaper – i personally think it doesn't do enough against aggro, which is half of the meta. Even the 1 mana golem is slow and not a guaranteed source of board control. It shines in control matches when you get the divine shield summon a copy or the card draw. I think earth revenant is way too good against aggro that kazakus doesn't make the cut.

  • Kronx & shield of galakrond – at first i ran kronx…then i found him again to be just very slow and dead in my hand half of the time. I prob have to test him more. Shield of galakrond can be a 1x but not to replace zilliax. Not an entirely necessary card to hit level 2 galakrond upgrade.

Cards that might be worth considering

  • Hot spring guarding (taunt/heal)

  • zentimo (combo with earthen might, invocation of frost, serpentshrine portal),

  • gyreworm (direct damage/elemental chain),

  • kalimos (more lategame bomb)

  • the lurker below (AOE on a stick) / lightning storm (AOE)

strengths and weaknesses

  • decent against aggro overall (board spam decks like paladin, murloc shaman in particular), average against secret mage (it depends on how much draw each get), somewhat poor performance against even hunter (too much direct damage, low healing)

  • good against big priest (few minions with buffed stats, relatively not vulnerable to their AOE, devolve/hex)

  • weak against reno mage (loatheb does almost nothing), reno priest (you have to play extremely aggressive), and weird fatigue / ultra late game control decks

What are your thoughts, experience and suggestions?


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