Getting 0 Gold from playing all day Feels Worse than 10g per 3 Wins REGARDLESS of new rewards track

Content of the article: "Getting 0 Gold from playing all day Feels Worse than 10g per 3 Wins REGARDLESS of new rewards track"

I used to generally be able buy a pack a day (sometimes every 2 days) & even though 10g for 3 wins wasn't good, it was SOMETHING and now it's just slow ass grindy tavern track, which does reward gold, but at a much slower pace. Just a thing I noticed today; thought I'd feel MORE invested gaining xp and getting levels, but it FEELS worse while playing/between games.

They could easily add the gold per wins system back in ON TOP of current standings and it wouldn't feel generous, but something. Not a f2p player, but very careful about hearthstone and money now after being bad with spending a while ago, they get ya, anyways, How do you feel about this? Cheers for reading 🙂

Edit: Further Thoughts – Meaningful daily login rewards like dust etc should have been implemented years ago & are in every competing digital card game.

Removing Player Agency is a reason for game-to-game feeling worse for myself, thinking about it a bit more.

Before – if I was winning I was pushed to win more, 1 win off 3 stars, ok just 1 more game, it's 10 gold, if loosing maybe take a break.

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Now – do I have a quest? No, well guess I'll just pretend the rewards system doesn't exist for a bit, if I win, maybe 1 more, but with no immediate incentive, lose, think I'll just stop for the day till quests update.

BattlePass/Tavern Track – I also play COD & Warzone, have purchased 1 pass seasons ago and rolled with it as I maxed it several times, how does it end up the COD BattlePass (and ANY other games) is far better than Hearthstones?!? You could double all the rewards in the free track & add a further reward to each paid track and maybe would be more along better lines. It's crazy to me that you a) can't buy with gold & b)it doesn't allow you to earn the cost of admission back in currency so you can buy the next one, mad

Achievements – Continuing with the comparison to the other Activision game COD Warzone let's look at achievements, "Challenges" are the equivalent in COD. ALL these challenges give some nonsense cosmetic on completion AND (thats the big one here for you hearthstone) XP, they all give xp therefore they are worth striving for to KNOW to are progressing your levels.

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Just having a few hard to obtain Achievements which you need new legendaries for in your game and then spouting "well if you do all the Darkmoon Achievements you'll be getting blah blah blah amount of XP" isn't really good enough. ALL achievements should earn xp if they are there, sure have your pointless number to show "progression", but without actual rewards for achievements beyond ticking a box I know I'm not bothered about them.

Ok, I'll stop now, take care and stay safe folks, didn't expect this to get seen by many, but clearly there are others who feel similarly, love to hear your further thoughts on this system & hopefully Blizz would too

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