Got more angry as I went on

Content of the article: "Got more angry as I went on"

It’s not a popular opinion but I would rather have payed for hearthstone upfront. Like a game on steam or in the App Store. As I’m a college student I am unable to spend a lot (if any)money on the game. I started playing in 2016 then stopped by 2017 because it was so damn expensiv. I understand that there are players that have full collections and are completely free to play but they usually just grind in arena for years on end. Now how am I meant to enjoy the game if I spend all my time playing a game mode that I don’t enjoy and find really repetitive? Not only that but I would have to play it two to three times a day for an average of about 6 wins for 3-4 years. That’s just insane. Not only would I find it boring but I’m not good enough at arena to get 6 wins on average.

I think Blizzard needs to rethink their business model. They are slowly driving people away from the game, eventually all that will be left is streamers and 35 year olds with no kids. It’s madness. If the game were to cost money to install then they could make the in game resources easier to obtain. You could have loads more quests for example or better awards for arena. There could be rewards for battlegrounds and a pass that doesn’t cost twenty fucking dollars to see some basic stats! I refuse to spend any more money on your products until you get your shit together blizzard. Many of my friends have been driven away from hearthstone by your payment structure. I mean, what the fuck were you thinking? If a kid were to start playing this game how would they manage to have fun? They cant spend hundreds of dollars on the game they only got birthday and Christmas money. Are you going to try and get that as well? Going to take their ten dollars and give them a Shit hero portrait and five packs for a ’created by class’. I’m done blizzard. I’m done.

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P.s heroic brawlesium is a shitty thing to do. Utter scam. Top heavy bullshit. Lure people in with great rewards for 10-12 wins then fuck them over with 12.5% of people only getting one pack for ten dollars. Pull yourselves together blizzard. You’re losing you ever shrinking fan base.

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