Hearthstone Board Positioning Guide for Standard (Video)

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Today I will give you a Hearthstone Board Positioning Guide, so you can start positioning like a pro and play around everything you can, when you can. I’ve coached so many high diamond players to legend already, but one mistake I see in most is they throw minions on the board without really thinking about the positioning, so in this Video, I will try to explain every positioning choice I make, against each class! I know this video is not gonna get a ton of views, since it doesn’t have a flashy title like OMG 97% meta breaker or how to grow your collection with 3 to 5 inches in 1 month, but still! Now, let’s get into the guide!

The most common effects you need to be playing around in standard are Betrayal effects and Cleave effects, but there are quite a few other unique cards you might need to start thinking about when playing against certain classes. One thing I always try to teach the people I coach, is to always try to play around the most common effects, when positioning, even when it doesn’t matter, just so they can remain focused on it. There are so many randomly generated cards nowadays, that it’s probably best to remain mindful about your positioning at all times, just so you don’t get punished from a created by card.

The easiest way for you to play around a betrayal effect is to follow this simple rule. Always put the low attack minions in the middle. Or better yet, put a stealth or a minion that can’t be targeted by spells and hero powers in the middle when you can, since its untargetable. The best way for you to isolate minions from one another, is to put a dormant minion in between them too. This way betrayal effects will be a lot harder or even impossible to pull off against you. Always try to isolate big minions from one another, by putting a buffer minion between them, and play big minions on the sides. If you really want to isolate a minion, the best place you can put it would be on the most left, cuz that minion will remain there, unless you decide otherwise. If you put it on the right, as soon as you play a card that summons a minion on the board, that will automatically go on the right side, so your big minion will no longer be on the side. It’s still correct to play the second big minion on the most right, so it’s isolated from the first one, but usually, the first one should go on the left, if you are playing against betrayal effects in general.

Now let’s talk about cleave effects. Here the situation is quite the opposite, since with cleave effects, you want your biggest attack minion to be in the middle, so the opponent takes the most damage if he wishes to go for that play. If you have a taunt however, you will want to play it on the far left, and put a small buffer minion next to it, so that way a cleave effect can’t reach your other big minions on the side. Like I said, your first big stats minion should usually go on the far left, so it remains isolated, but if you plan on playing a big taunt minion next turn, maybe put the first big minion on the far right instead, so you know the taunt next turn will be really isolated on the far left.

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Watch this part again if you need to and really try to understand everything I said there, and you will have a really good foundation to work with when deciding how to position. Now let’s go over all of the cards you need to be playing around against each class in standard.

Starting off with the neutral cards with Zephrys at the top. Another reason why you always want to be positioning well against betrayal effects, is you might get caught off guard by a random highlander deck you were not expecting. Zephrys really loves giving betrayal when you give him a good opportunity, so always try to follow the big minions on the side rule, but also be mindful that he can give Explosive shot as well, which is a lot harder to get from him, but you can still get punished from it by placing a big minion in the middle and maybe 2 stealths on the sides, so be smart, and always put a stealth in the middle when you can. Lake Thresher is also neutral, but let’s cover it in the druid section instead, cuz reasons.

Against Mage, the most common spell you need to be playing around is Combustion nowadays. The way you do that is by placing your highest health minion in the middle, so it can’t splash hard on the sides. You should also play around Cone of Cold if you can, by again, putting big minions as far away as possible from each other. And lastly, you can also try playing around Rolling Fireball too, by placing a can’t be targeted minion on the side, but that one is really tricky and very hard to pull off when it actually matters. Mages generate tons of spells nowadays and it’s really hard figuring out what to play around, so do your best.

Against Warrior, you need to play around the new Weapon – Reaper’s Scythe’s cleave effect like I told you earlier. Either isolate a taunt on the most left, or play your biggest attack in the middle. You should also try playing around ramming speed, since some big warriors run it and there are versions that can discover it from a spell lackey too. The card no one runs is Sweeping Strikes, but again, it is discoverable, so be careful. I know it’s not a positioning tip, but you should also try to play around Bladestorm when you can, by never playing the same hp minions on the board and you should also try playing around brawls, by not throwing useless small minions on the board after turn 4.

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Against Druid, you probably know by now, but you should be playing against their rushing Threshers. Isolate a taunt on the most left or play your biggest minion in the middle, so at least the Thresher takes the most damage. It’s tricky here, since they have a second rushing minion as well, but if you manage to isolate a taunt on the far left and right, you will deny them the cleave value. You could also just play a really big taunt on the left, but that’s easier said than done against a druid.

Against a Rogue it’s quite tricky, cuz nowadays, you need to play against all of the mage spells they can get from Wand Thief too, but mostly, play around betrayal and its bigger cousin – Unidentified contract with betrayal. Sure, nobody runs them, but if you see a lackey, you can be sure there is a possibility for them to discover it, so best be safe. If it’s some kind of burgle rogue, keep in mind they can steal something from a class, so try to figure out what class card can punish you as well.

Against a Shaman, there are actually quite a few things you need to worry about. The Lurker Bellow started seeing a lot of play, so here, you have to make sure to not allow them to chain the effect too easily, by playing big hp next to small hp and so on. You should also worry about Lightning Breath, which is not a card usually ran by them, and it also has quite the restriction of having to hold a dragon, but it’s definitely doable and I’ve suffered from a random dragon with a random lightning breath scenario, so again, spread those big and small hp minions, like against the lurker.

Next up, let’s talk about Priest, which you probably didn’t expect to see in a positioning guide, but surprise, surprise… Soul Mirror. The way you play around this bad boy, is by placing your biggest or most important minions on the far right. Soul Mirror Copies them from left to right, so if the priest has a minion or two on the board and you have a full board, that means he will miss out on your big chonkers. Another thing you should play around priest is… well… everything… They can discover your cards, so if you run such a card, try positioning against it as well.

Against a Hunter, we have to mention explosive shot again, even though nobody runs that, and spell discover isn’t too big for hunter either. Lake Thresher can also be seen in some janky lists, but usually I don’t think about it too much in this matchup.

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Against Demon Hunter, again just so the guide is complete, we have to mention Flamereaper. I’ve only seen this weapon maybe once in a bad highlander deck, but who knows, one day it might get buffed and start seeing more play, so again, same playstyle as if it’s a warrior with a scythe.

So, these are all of the defensive positionings you need to try to play around with. Now let’s talk about a few offensive ones.

Always play your faceless lackey next to a minion that can attack that turn or next to a taunt, since you could get a dire wolf from it. If you are playing Vulture, there is a slim chance of getting a flametongue totem from it as well, so same reasoning. Serpentshrine can also give you a random flametongue but you can’t really control the positioning much there, other than playing it before you put a minion next to an attacking one, I guess. I can also remind you to play your minions beneficially so if you have neighbor buffing cards like Bogstrock Clacker, so you can get a good effect from it, but you are running those in your deck, so you probably figured that out by now on your own.

So that’s gonna be it for this guide! Hope this helps you position better in standard and climb more ranks. Thanks for reading/watching!

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