Hearthstone Story Speculation: The Alliance’s Mercenary Handler/Next Expansion’s Neutral Legendary is Lady Katrana Prestor (Disguised Onxyia)

Most of this is speculation based on https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/news/23658052 (Meet the Mercanaries).

Brief backstory, Onxyia (the 9 mana Legendary Dragon that fills your board with whelps) like the other Warcraft dragons can disguise themselves as humanoids. Onxyia in particular disguised herself as an advisor to Anduin Wyrnn (Priest boi) in Stormwind during the time of the disappearance of Anduin's father, Varian Wyrnn. She took upon the name Lady Katrana Prestor, but most call her Lady Prestor.

Onxyia/Lady Prestor

Alright, so evidence. There's 3 hints.

1) Dichotomy. We are obviously going to visit a major Alliance location as a a parallel to the current Horde's location. Then, the third expansion is the big clash between the two factions.

Red, Blue, Red/Blue

While it is up in the air as to what the Alliance's location is (Stormwind, Lordaeron, etc.), it is very clear that they're trying to show parallelism between the two factions. One expansion for each. 5 mercenaries for each side. Probably a keyword for each side (e.g. Frenzy for Horde). The most iconic location for each side. What is peculiar then is the observation of Kazakus, who only deals with Horde mercenaries, making him the Horde's "handler". Makes sense of course since he's a troll, a Horde race, but what's significant about him is that he's been strongly hinted at being a dragon.

He's on the left on the Kabal side. May be hard to spot.

So, seeing as he's such a pertinent character, even in the Rokara's chapter in the Book of Mercenaries, it's worth reasoning that Lady Prestor would be the Alliance's juxtaposition to Kazakus to continue that dichotomy. ESPECIALLY since Lady Prestor is infamous of her being a dragon. I'd even go as far as to guess that Lady Prestor's ability is likely "Battlecry: If your deck contains no X-Cost cards…" to match Kazakus! After all, so far all of the main characters during this year are original characters with the exception of Kazakus, a returning character. So why not make another well-known character return especially considering…

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2) WoW Classic nostalgia. With the recent release WoW Classic, they are definitely going to try to capitalize that era and lore. This sentiment purveys everywhere. All 10 mercenaries include each of the classic races and The Burning Crusade races along with their most popular class to pair with. The Barrens is a major site in any Horde player's journey to level 60. The Spell Rank cycle reflects the gameplay at the time. But most importantly, the events happening during this year are concurrent with Varian Wyrnn's disappearance, one of the landmarks of Warcraft Classic lore.

No one can behold the armies of Stormwind anymore.

They even specifically mention that they tinkered the lore so that the first events that Blood Elf and Draenei players (Burning Crusade races) encounter are now occurring simultaneously with Varian's abscence.

How curious.

Why is it important that they keep mentioning King Varian's disappearance? Well as it says above, he was actually kidnapped. This was puppetered by none other than Lady Prestor herself, Onxyia.

3) Foresight for foreshadowing. This brings us to hints of what's going on in future expansions. So, we know that a deviation from the Hearthstone lore is the "Night of Falling Stars". During this time, a Naaru (a crystalline god of light) shattered into a bunch of shards that fell across the land. Now, a bunch of people to collect them all for various reasons, whether it be power, revenge, gold, adventure, knowledge, or to one-up Thanos's search for infinity stones. One of these people is Kazakus, as is often mentioned in Meet the Mercenaries. Who's the other person?

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Found in Scabbs' bio.

For the Alliance mercenaries, it's a member of the royal court. That highly points to it being the advisor, Lady Prestor…or Bolvar Fordring. But like, he's somehow forgettable as a GvG card, KoFT card, Battlegrounds card, and in lore until recently so we'll give him a pass.

So, what's going to happen? Well, we know Cariel Roame and Tasmin Roame are eventually going to meet in the most awkward family union, wielding polar opposites of magic: Holy and Shadow. If Descent of Dragons's adventure is anything to go by, we will probably choose a side in the 3rd expansion, with the chosen side winning at the end. Kazakus is gathering mercenaries to gather shards of the Naaru at any cost. And if Lady Prestor is planning the same…

"If I had a nickel for everytime a year-long story in Hearthstone ended with Dragons slapping each other to death, I'd have 2 nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice."

Then we're about to see whether the Leading Alchemist of the Kabal could defeat the Broodmother of the Black dragonflight.


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