How can you justify nerfing quest rogue and not mozaki mage?

The general consensus among good players is that quest rogue isn't a good deck. During his video arguing for it to be nerfed, even zeddy admitted that it was "tier 2 or tier 3," and it's definitely closer to tier 3. It's matchup spread is terrible. It loses to secret mage, which is extremely popular in lower ranks, as well as darkglare, which is extremely popular in higher ranks, and all of the less popular meta aggro decks. No deck with that bad of a matchup spread can be good even if it's oppressive in a small number of matchups. Yes, you can climb with it, just like you can climb with any tier 3 deck. This doesn't make it a good deck.

With this in mind, why are people complaining about quest rogue? People say it's too oppressive in certain matchups and if you're playing the wrong deck, the matchup feels hopeless. Isn't this true for a lot of decks? Take a look at Mozaki Mage's matchup data. Just like quest rogue, it has a terrible matchup spread, and you can clearly see that it's a bad deck on ladder. However, it's extremely oppressive against slower board-based decks. If you select "D4 to L" instead of "all ranks" for data so that you're seeing data from decent players, you can see that it's 79% favored into big priest and 67% into darkglare. In his video, zeddy said that quest rogue would dominate midrange decks. Mozaki would dominate them even more. If you're playing a slower, board-based deck against mozaki mage, the matchup feels hopeless, which is the exact complaint people have about quest rogue. There's even less interaction against mozaki, arguably making for a less fun experience. The best way to beat mozaki mage is to play a fast aggro deck. The best way to beat quest rogue is to play a fast aggro deck.

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So why are people complaining about quest rogue and not mozaki mage? The main reason is that mozaki mage isn't popular, especially not at lower ranks. I expect the popularity of quest rogue to die down significantly once ladder realizes it isn't a good deck, but even if it doesn't, how can you justify nerfing one but not the other of 2 equally unfun decks just because of popularity? I'm making this post to say that neither should be nerfed, not both. If you're playing a good deck and you unluckily queue into a bad deck that counterdecks it, that's unfortunate, but it's an unavoidable part of the game. There will always be bad decks with very good matchups against a small number of good decks. Quest rogue isnt the only one. At the end of your laddering session you'll probably have climbed more than the quest rogue user. If you're playing a bad deck like thief rogue and you get punished by queueing into a deck that destroys bad decks, can you really complain? Sure, play your fun deck, but it's a competitive game, and getting punished for intentionally using bad strategies is the nature of any competitive game. It might feel bad but it doesn't justify a nerf.

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