How I got 12 wins with post-nerf Killmox Warlock, short guide

This subreddit is lacking content anyway so I might as well post it here, Im so excited every time I get 12 wins, and well normally no1 cares, but I thought maybe if I write a guide, people will care?

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/S1p2KaL.png

My ranking: https://i.imgur.com/hwGWJVr.png (haven't played much)

My duels ranking: https://i.imgur.com/fhbAD1H.png

I drew my deck most of the games, including the final 12 win one, so you can see my final deck from the replays.

In mulligan you wanna keep playable cards, don't greed for the best. In the early rounds, stuff like Spirit Jailer is good. In the mid and late rounds, he becomes feeder for your hero power to get better cards, not worth playing.

You wanna tap almost every single turn, even if you discard a good card for another good card (draw), because it gets you closer to Cthun. Obviously exception is when you have exact mana to play a card and it's a good play, then you don't tap. Or if you will overdraw (I actually broke that once or twice, don't be me, although my 3 mana draw 3 drew 6, which made my twilight drake on 4 much better.)

You wanna pick good stuff. No junk. No early game shit. You wanna pick control stuff, stuff like mountain giant twilight drake, or AoE. I didnt record my treasure picks but ye. For treasures, always pick double time on second. That's actually what enabled my 12 wins, none of the games were really close. But even without it, if it was good treasure I might have gotten 12 wins anyway. For first treasure, 2 mystery secrets, lots of good stuff. The secrets didnt do anything (almost) half of the games, so they didnt really help much. But on avg better than most other junk you get on the first row.

For first treasure, you want Double Secrets, Scrying orb (first spell costs 1 less), +1 spell dmg (very good with aoe), rush and -1 to first minion ain't too bad either, and draw a card. The others are pretty much garbage. -2 spell cost +1 overload can be decent, but mana management becomes a nightmare (already very hard to decide what to play).

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For second treasure, double time #1 obv, book of wonders ain't bad, leftmost card -2 mana can be good too but very luck dependant, -1 spell cost is decent, the zombies can be decent in the right matchups but pretty bad in others, same for the 1 dmg when a minion is played, double battlecry can be decent if you ended up picking some but not very good on avg, that's about it.

Replays, with score before start of match:

0-0 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=f2e046a0-7be3-4126-b91b-79d3cd5203f0
1-0 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=8d8226b6-318d-4182-b42c-46b4a30865a5 nothing to see here, just a rogue smorcing while the deck is at its weakest due to late-game oriented build
1-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=b02dd8b9-88c9-42aa-9f35-e57c4df0b036
2-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=d1c61650-1b7d-46ad-a9dd-5904f0760268
3-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=ec87d1a5-ec0b-40e5-858a-9e646a8ed0ee
4-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=7245019a-e57b-4ef0-b916-261c1bbca9dc
5-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=030060b6-f703-4b03-9ba9-9358d441d056
6-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=a237c2be-b36e-48c9-99e6-6c798a0c5ee5
7-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=8c93fe25-ebb8-4f3a-af13-40dc6caff003
8-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=c8d0831f-3113-4cec-b4af-73bff9eecb04
9-1 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=cef1ec49-2885-478f-b889-c8ca121b0ce8 , I would have prob won that if not for King Krush, depending on the draws, I was setting up lethal with Fist (it's why I didnt shear the 4/4 for fragments for healing). I could have also greeded to hold the freeze -16 spell for another turn, to setup board which would have probably gotten me lethal with fist, but I was afraid of dying, ultimately sometimes u have to make tough choices and I might have made the wrong one
9-2 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=c93643e2-9c12-4ec5-973d-dfa5fc3691a2
10-2 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=ddd77a69-866e-468a-904a-8759958bb14e
11-2 | replays.firestoneapp.com/?reviewId=b97c7098-da14-4a3e-ab92-b29952e3cbe4

Overall, there was not a single game outside the first loss, that I thought I would lose. The second loss I was betting I would win, until the King Krush

Base deck:

(1) Felosophy – great for cloning Tick or Killmox or Void Drinker
(1) Spirit Jailer – great for discarding without feeling bad lol. But also enables Void Drinker and is not the worst 1 drop for the early rounds
(1) Malchezaar's Imp – great for cycling
(2) Boneweb Egg- I was wondering between this and Silverware golem since there was no space for both, and if you include both you have to remove another card, and frankly in the early rounds discarding something and playing stuff for free (spiders or golem) is pretty good, but later on it's almost insequential, and makes Free Admissions worse, so I only wanted to pick one of the two. I guess it's interchange which one to include.
(2) Soul Shear – fragments and efficient removal, nice
(3) Backfire – very nice. With double time hard to use without overdrawing, but can always cast another spell first
(3) Free Admissions – draw and demon mana reduction cost, very good
(3) Hysteria – a nice clear, great for testing your math skills with double time too lol
(3) School Spirits – aoe and fragments
(4) Fire Breather – aoe, I guess hellfire works too but the body feels good, and ignoring demons ofc (as well as your life)
(4) Cascading disaster – with double time this is so broken. without it's kinda meh, but we are building for later rounds, so this card is good enough I think
(5) Void Drinker – amazing card, 5 mana 7/8 with taunt, Kreygasm. Why no envoy? No slots, Plus does nothign when u drop it, so it feels bad. Plus it delays our cthun.
(6) Tickatus – great against mirror or other cthuns, can also get from admissions for easy corrupt and 4 mana 8/8.
(8) Twisting Nether – amazing card, clear full board no matter how big it is, why not?
(10) Cthun

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If you wanna go full greed you can add envoy, jaraxxus, alex, yshaarj… But you'll just die lol
Other possible candidates are hellfire, demonic studies, raise dead. Malicia is kinda bad. Coil ain't too bad for cycling. Silverware golem can be decent. And luckysoul Hoarder. But I can't see removing any of my cards for these cards, unless meta shifts a lot. Then hellfire could be very good.

Also other tips, you usually wanna discard killmox so you can retain your hand. Unless you are gonna overdraw or you plan to draw like with backfire, then you wanna discard other cards. Don't be afraid to discard stuff you won't need. In most matchups you don't need tick. And calculate what you will discard before you play first. I even used coin one game just to thin the discard pool, since if you have hand of 6 cards and you have 4 bad cards to discard, it's not that unlikely to get those 4, but if you use coin, now you have 5 cards, so getting those 4/5 is much less likely

I actually got bored of smashing people on duels so I decided to up the level a bit by sharing my ez 12 wins deck, have fun

Source: reddit.com

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