How I went from the Tutorial to Top 10 Legend in 12 hours.

Hey everyone Zeddy here,

I promoted on this subreddit that I was going to do a F2P competition in June but received a ton of feedback that requiring the apprentice ranks would be an annoying requirement so decided to push the event back and to do some more testing. That testing resulted in me doing a new F2P run while skipping the apprentice ranks and I decided to go for wild legend instead this time. With the recent “nerf” to twin slice I noted that Odd Demon Hunter seemed just slightly broken and relatively cheap so decided to give it a go. Twelve hours later, I was top 10 legend in Wild.

The strategy

This was all about going fast. After completing the tutorial I unlocked Demon Hunter and after that cleared the few early “Win practice games” quests to get some packs. I unlocked Frozen Throne and defeated the prologue to get a free Death Knight to disenchant. I then skipped the Apprentice ranks, restarted the client, and picked the free Mage deck to disenchant as it had the highest dust value and had Cobalt Spellkin which is a nice budget option for Odd Demon Hunter. I also completed the legendary quests that are still active from Ashes of Outland, and defeated the first chapter of the new adventure for three more packs. From there I was able to build this Odd Demon Hunter list with the exception of Metamorphosis which I could not afford until Platinum 10 through all the rewards you receive from hitting each 5th rank for the first time.

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I started the run at 2-2 which was slightly discouraging and then proceeded to win 49 games in a row from Bronze 9 to Platinum 5. Since I had only a 2 star multiplier having this insane win streak carried my progress like crazy. I believe we were one win short of Dogs record of 50-0 he pulled off with Odd Rogue back in the day so that should put in perspective how insane this run was. I am no Dog, but Odd Demon Hunter is that stupid.

The final record and push

We finished the run at an insane 85% win rate with a total record of 98-17. I did not lose consecutive games until I hit Diamond 1 and came into legend at Rank 13 Legend. There are around 2000 NA Wild Legends right now so our MMR was quite ridiculous, I then went on to win 2 games in legend, including against Corbett the man I took this deck from who was Rank 2 Legend, and hit Rank 9 Legend in just a mere 12 hours after starting this brand new account.

Conclusion and findings

I highlighted my findings on this Youtube video but can sum it like this. F2P even while skipping the apprentice ranks does allow you to get at least one budget meta deck for wild, and in the case of standard basically the full deal. However Demon Hunter is so ridiculous right now as a F2P player you’re either going to have to go with Demon Hunter or prepare to be destroyed by Demon Hunter. My climb was way too easy, the games were barely close at all, even at the higher ranks, and honestly it just feels like using cheat codes when you play Odd Demon Hunter in particular. Your hero power, the snowballing minions, warglaives, and now twin slice are just out of control. Despite that though it was an awesome time doing this on stream, and I never thought it would ever be possible to go straight to Top 10 Legend on a new account in 12 hours, especially this late in the season.

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