How is this adventure mode this bad?

Content of the article: "How is this adventure mode this bad?"

I've loved adventure mode content.

There's some that I've wished could've been a bit better, (the recent two were pretty short, Rumble's shrine mechanic was kinda annoying) but I liked them all, more or less. I'm not much of a pvp gamer, so part of me sometimes was more excited for the solo content than for the new cards.

But god, this time, with Book of Heroes? Not only is there no deck building whatsoever, be it the dungeon crawl type or the normal type, we play basically the same deck for 8 games.

We use three hero powers, only two of which are sorta new/different. And they're broken. This fact, in combination with how bland the deck is, ends up making this adventure a hero power button spam, because the button's just better than most of the cards we draw.

Doesn't help that the bosses are a breeze armed with mostly crap decks.

And the storytelling is mediocre at best, with Jaina's VA being the one redeeming grace.

Well, and the music before the games actually start. God knows why the music goes back to the usual HS music once the game starts.

Kalec being entirely mute as a card and Shandris being Nadina the Red from BG was hilarious.

Is this what we're to expect henceforth from adventure mode? Something that's on par with the practice mode in terms of strategy and replayability?

I get that they're free, but I miss the old adventures that were actually enjoyable and somewhat challenging, at least in heroic mode. I'd rather pay for some meat and potatoes than chew on free rationed cardboard.

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That we're getting 9 more free chapters isn't a good excuse either, because the devs chose this format for this adventure. If they can't tell a compelling story with 8 games, they should choose a new format. 72 more reskinned tutorials don't excite me. Heck, the most recent two free adventures were significantly better, in both storytelling and gameplay, than what we got this time.

Also, how tf did they miss out on my boi Daelin? And they call this Jaina's lore.

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