How to get better at Hearthstone/Get to X rank by Top 100 (F2P) EU player. (dm me for proof)

This is a guide by me, if you are looking to get better at the game, ill awnser the most common questions here, and if you have specific questions, ill try and awnser all of them (mod can dm me for proof on rank)

  1. A complete tier 2/3 deck is better then a partialy complete tier 1. The reason why tier 1 decks are so good is because they are specificly have a reason for every card being there. If 1 or 2 cards are taken out it just falls apart. I saw a guy ask for help with moving up from G2 with his control soul warlock without milicia. Its not going to work. Just pick a cheap tier 1-2-3 deck, there is ALLWAYS a meta deck under 5k dust.

  2. Know your interactions. Small interactions make a huge difference. You mightve noticed i posted an interaction quiz earlier today, and the reason i did that is because i lost 2 games at legend for not knowing 2 of them and I was like, hmm others should know. Make mental note of every interaction that looks wierd for some reason, and remember it, will help you a lot! Im sure most streamers and players will get atleast 2 wrong. (starts 00:46)

  3. Know your deck(and on higher ranks your opponents) This… This and the next one are why pros are pros. To make the optimal decision in a certain situation, you have to know why each card is in the deck. Some decks just don't click with people. Im a control-y player, and never learned token druid decks, so im 0-11 with them across 2 years. It matters how well you know your deck and how well you feel confortable playing it. Thatswhy grandmasters play their deck on high legend or against high legend friends before their game. Muligan is like 20% of a game and in order to do it correctly, you have to get a feel. Watch good players play your deck, and make adjustments. I remember Thijs saying keep Devo missiles against paladin dont try to hard look for lunacy/flow, and it improved my winrate a good 3-4%. Just one simple change. On legend everybody knows eachothers deck, and on high legend, i even know what everybody is playing just by name.

  4. Have a Plan going into each game. By far the most important!! This can only happen when you know your deck perfectly. Going back to spell mage. You will play differently against a paladin then vs for example a priest. Obviously. But putting it into words is important. For example "priest has too much heal, i cant just normaly burst him down, lets find double flow and go for the OTK" (5mana mask 2×2 mana fireball 22dmg). Or. "I already used a flow and im playing control warlock. I wont win the value game so i wont use lunacy" – you have to understand why its not a good idea (mana cost of cards/what they turn into) things like these are by far the most important, because besides having a clear plan, it also makes you decide your choices better. Like: yes his 4/4 is annoying on turn 4, but if i play devo missiles, i can't deal with the Kazakus golem next turn, and ill lose. It will help your optimal plays, BUT in order to make the right decision you have to know your-and on higher ranks your opponents deck. And importantly BE WILLING to adjust the plan based on circumstances. I took 1..1 extra damage against RDU the other day, and it cost me the game. If your opponent plays aggressivly punish it, if passivly punish that!

  5. MEANINGFUL practice. Very simple, yet VERY important. Meaningful practice means, you play ranked games, dont do anything else on the side, pay attention, and after the game reflect what you couldve done better. Only then will you learn. From my experience-coached a friend of mine, you can reach Legend in – 2, 3 months playing only 1-2 hours a day just by getting a little better every day. Not blaming anything other then your skill, looking into the games and improving.

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Well, hope this helped even a little bit, if you have any other questions i'd be happy to awnser in the comments below! Id be more then happy if streamers/gamers/ high legend players corrected me, or added to this aswell. Best of luck, Game on!


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