How to get better at hearthstone Part 2! (top 100 EU player)

Hi CompetitiveHS this is BenjikingHS here with part 2 article about how to get better at the game. This article will focus on MOST COMMON MISTAKES and decision making/state of mind, in diamond 5-where most people struggle with to legend, all the way up to high legend. After article 1, a player asked me, if i can help him to legend. He was nice, i did it free, he is enjoying his cardback. So why? Because i wanted to see in person what mistakes people make. So what we did was he told me what he would do, and id tell him why he is wrong/right. That being said lets begin with most common mistakes. For obvious reasons im leaving out tips i wrote in the previous ones.

  1. Most important mistake.. You dont expect the worst. You have to. If you are playing against say rogue expect him having Mankrik on 3 Kazakus on 4 Golem on 5 and Jandice on 6. Thats the only way you can win because you have to respond. If he doesnt have it.. Great your better off. If he does, unlucky, but you were ready and if your cards let you, can counter. Keep your assets and value to yourself. Dont throw away cards just for the sake of it.

1.b Expect the rare/unexpected. Paladin vs paladin. Turn 1 secret was oh my yogg, turn 2 he has another random up for a weapon. TEST FOR OH MY YOGG. Small chance is chance. You have to expect the worst. Because if oh my yogg "counterspells" hand of adal, you might be losing already.

  1. I lost a lot of health, im losing. Depends on matchup generally no. We played Paladin vs Paladin, and was on 14 health turn 4. We won the game on turn 10 on… 14 health. Thats because i made him understand, health matters less, matchups matters more. What do i mean? I made him trade his 7/2 into a 1/1 because i know paladins dont run removal, but do run buffs. He had no minions and we slowly chewed him down. Understanding how you will win, and how to get there and NOT getting greedy, is way more important then panicing that oh we are down to 14 i am behind. Level headed, good decisions can help you a lot.

  2. Im not drawing well, i will lose. There will be games you draw/muligen horribly. And if your opponent is good will lose. BUT Hearthstone, i dont care what anybody sais is 90% skill 10%RNG. You have to set yourself up to win. If your not drawing your wincondition, as hard as it is stall. Set yourself up to win as much as you can, so when you finally get it, youre ready and not down 20 health with 0 board just because you were waiting for it, and didnt get it. If you dont get flamestrike, slowly chip aqay at his minions. Will help yourself a lot.

  3. Small mistakes are GIANT mistakes. If you are diamond 5 or legend.. You ARE good at the game. Now how good you are is dependent on how many small mistakes you make. I made one against RDU yesturday where i took 1! Extra damage, and Lo and behold he had exact lethal, and i wouldve won hadnt i taken that. Every small mistake causes giant gaps between good and bad players. If you make less and less you get way way better. You might not notice but, an advantagous trade, an extra damage, or even 1 less health on a minion can make Tremendous differences. Pay attention. Use HSdeck tracker and rewatch your games. Thats the only way to get better.

  4. PUNISH PUNISH PUNISH. Your opponent is playing too agressivly? Punish it. Your opponent is too passive? Punish it. But Benji?! How?!? Easy. Use that. If he trades everything, go face he will trade. If he goes face? Take the board. Is he too agressive? Chances are he will be out of stuff so outlast. Too passive? Go full on before he gets everything he needs. These are the small little mindgames that has to be done each game. If you learn to recognise opponents play and punish it, you will win games.

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5b/ dont tilt. I can get my rank/stars back. Just one more game.. No you wont… You will lose 3 more, get angry at somthing that didnt have to do with the game, go overly agressive and lose more. Take a break, come back. Get calm.. If you are angry at the game YOU WILL LOSE. Ifyou have a chance HIGHLY reccomend PAVEL VS AMNESIAC semi-finals matchup. Both got RNGd both got triggered. But bouncing back is very important. Calm headspace, calm decisions, good decisions WINS.

Well, hope this helped a little, streamers, pros or good players can allways add to/correct stuff, if you want to learn more, i will write more articles, or catch me on stream, which i wont advertise here, cuz its a dick move. Best of luck, win some games, game on!


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