I beat the entire challenge with two simple ladder decks (SPOILER AND GUIDE)

I simply used two "polar" decks. Tempo Demon Hunter and Quest Priest. Tempo DH was used when the strategy was to kill the opponent before they put everything they need in place, and Quest Priest was used when it would be best to slow down.

Here are the decklists:

### Custom Demon Hunter

# Class: Demon Hunter

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Phoenix


# 2x (1) Battlefiend

# 2x (1) Consume Magic

# 2x (1) Crimson Sigil Runner

# 1x (1) Mana Burn

# 2x (1) Twin Slice

# 2x (2) Chaos Strike

# 1x (2) Netherwalker

# 2x (2) Spectral Sight

# 2x (2) Umberwing

# 2x (3) Eye Beam

# 2x (3) Satyr Overseer

# 1x (4) Altruis the Outcast

# 1x (4) Kayn Sunfury

# 2x (5) Glaivebound Adept

# 1x (5) Metamorphosis

# 2x (5) Warglaives of Azzinoth

# 2x (6) Skull of Gul'dan

# 1x (7) Priestess of Fury




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

This is just what I use to complete some quests, as I'm not a fan of DH.

### Custom Priest

# Class: Priest

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Phoenix


# 2x (0) Forbidden Words

# 1x (1) Activate the Obelisk

# 1x (1) Reliquary of Souls

# 2x (1) Renew

# 2x (2) Penance

# 1x (2) Shadow Word: Death

# 1x (3) Apotheosis

# 1x (4) Archmage Vargoth

# 1x (4) Grave Rune

# 2x (4) Holy Nova

# 2x (4) Psychopomp

# 1x (4) Shadow Word: Ruin

# 2x (5) Convincing Infiltrator

# 2x (5) Sandhoof Waterbearer

# 2x (6) Khartut Defender

# 1x (7) Skeletal Dragon

# 1x (7) Soul Mirror

# 1x (8) Catrina Muerte

# 2x (9) Mass Resurrection

# 2x (9) Plague of Death




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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I honestly just added the quest and hit autocomplete, and made a couple changes for Illidan. Said changes were irrelevant as I didn't draw them on the victory match.

Quick boss breakdown:

Doom Lord Kazzak – Quest Priest

I had to get him out of stuff to start doing damage to him with minions too big for him to kill, which Tempo DH can't do at all.

Gruul the Dragonkiller – Quest Priest

His Hero Power makes activating the quest too easy, the rest is just enjoy the benefits.

Magtheridon – Tempo Demon Hunter

You have to constantly contest his board, so Priest is too slow. It's fine to let him hit you for 10 once or twice, as long as you are in control. Be ready for his taunts.

Supremus – Quest Priest

Tempo DH is too vulnerable, and priest can heal off the damage and remove his big guys. Good chance you also abuse his Mortuary Machine. His hero power is pretty much meaningless as it didn't summon anything on any attempt.

Teron Gorefiend – Quest Priest

He is kinda tricky, but you can exploit his 4/4s at start to get your quest going. Tempo DH almost works, but runs out of stuff before finishing the job. Be mindful of Death Knight cards as they can scam you out of the game you would have otherwise won.

Mother Shahraz – Quest Priest

Honestly I couldn't really figure her out properly, I ended up winning because I grinded her out of every resource. Finding a window to attack is difficult, which is why DH doesn't work too well.

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Lady Vashj – Quest Priest

Probably the trickest one to play, because I lost a few times when I was just about to stabilize, around turn 7-9. She holds a few Crackles in hand, so never count yourself being too safe or your valuable minions as not killable. She starts playing STRONGLY for tempo, and far into the match she'll just start busting AOE such as Lightning Storm, so don't commit too hard into the board after you stabilize.

Kael'thas Sunstrider – Tempo DH

You can't sit still and generate something big later in the game because you will simply die out of nowhere. You have to kill him before he draws too many Pyroblasts, so Tempo DH or any other tempo/aggro deck is the way to go. Also, he doesn't run minions (although he can generate some), so quest priest is a bit hard to activate. Don't be afraid of hitting your own minions for lifesteal to get above the next tenth of health. All he does is using removal and Pyroblasting your face, so don't get too attached to your board. It takes some tries, but it just boils down to who can kill the other one first, instead of tanking the damage and grinding him out.

Illidan Stormrage – Quest Priest

Illidan plays a little bit like a Tempo DH deck, but he is a bit bigger on the curve, so Quest works fine here. You'll have time to start playing, specially if you open with Renew/Penance. Mass removals before Plague of Death can't kill his entire board all the time unless you line it properly, so be ready to not get full value sometimes. As soon as you get a big minion on the board by constantly using your Hero Power on it and you have health to spare, you can consider yourself victorious.

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I actually beat him by using Soul Mirror on his lifesteal guy. I took the board, completed the quest, had a minion that buffed my Hero Power and he couldn't anymore kill or outdamage my healing. Simple.

Final thoughts

It doesn't really take long to complete it, and the games are actually fun. It's weird that you can't use Wild cards, but I am to assume it's designed around it.

If you are missing a lot of those cards, you can just apply the principle. Know when to take the offensive and when to be the defender, and build the deck accordingly.

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