I did it! Hit legend for the first time!!!!!!!!

Content of the article: "I did it! Hit legend for the first time!!!!!!!!"

I wan to share this with all of you! For the first time i did it, i got to legend in wild. I started playing in naxx and stoped during ungoro, then i came back during ashes. In all my time playing i have never tried to reach legend, i had 24k dust and i used it all to create: Evenlock, darkglarelock, discolock, aggro druid, oddpaly, soulDH, and cubelock. I got from bronze to legend 5 with darkglarelock, but at some point i started to notice some weird things.

I never played in ranked, i only used to do missions (Remember those?) but i got paired against REALLY good players, and after adding them as friends they were always in legend, this started in platinum 5 btw. Also, it didnt matter how hard i tried some decks just were not good enough to reach diamond 5. Oddpaly and darkglare was an easy time from d10 to d5, but in d2-d1 it was lose 1 win 2 lose 3 win 1 and so on. 5 days doing this, and people told me "its a grind" "eventually you will hit legend" "its a matter of perseverance" but the problem is, some decks are just broken. I dont think this is how the game should be played, a turn 2 18/18 in stats on the field thanks to big shaman or turn 4 14/14 in stats with priest. I mean is this really how the game is suposed to be played? If you dont like that, of course you can play a 30-45 minutes game against reno mage or get 34 damage done to you in a single turn with razapriest, no? Ok what about 23 damage turn 5 with flamewaker and a lot of cheap random spells!? This is not fun in any way, i got REALLY tilted some days due to the excesive amount of RNG this game has, is not skill based some times they will get the perfect card (no zephyr go away) and there is not a single thing you can do, so it dosnt matter how good you are as a player if the luck factor is that big. I have been playing MTG for the last 14 years, and when my opponent top decks "the" card it feels almost good to lose in those terms. But when they cast a "discover 3 cards" and the other card is "discover 3 cards" and they have things that benefit from playing so many spells i dont feel happy for they, i feel cheated because playing warlock or pala the only luck i will rely on will be the top deck. So no… this is not a game where you have fun.

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I have been getin CRUSHED by the same deck, big priest. It is unfair, big shaman can get ridiculous but big priest has SO MANY things to keep getting those 5/5 minions. So why not, i made a big priest deck.

From D4 to legend it took me 3 hours, 3 HOURS, yes i said 3 HOURS! How is this even possible!? Im not happy, im angry, im frustrated, i feel once again cheated. Why im not able to play the class i like? People say "you are" but you wont win as much, o thanks Einstein, and they keep giving priest really good tools to keep on this toxic playstyle. If your player base has cards from 4 years ago maybe they will want to play them, it was money spend by them right? So why the heck would you want to buff so much a single class to trample all over the other 9 classes, not to mention the recent buffs to secret mage.

Me being a noob rank player and a first time priest player can say this: The playstyle is garbage, board wipe, board wipe, reduce the cost of the spells, discover shadow essence (maybe) or keep board wiping till you get shadow essence. If you get it is GG boys, if you dont dosnt matter youll get it eventually and then it will be GG. 14/4 is my final stat according to the deck tracker, a lot and i mean a lot of mages, some priests (these are the "hard" matches) and some aggro druids, paladins and DH (it is easy as all heck to play against them) Pro tip? 1 Mass dispel, just one wrecks reno mage and reno priest, and DESTROYS big priest.

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I used all my dust, disenchanted 5 useless legendaries, and almost all the warrior epics (dont like that class)

I really wanted to complete the lotr books, but i wasted so much time in this game (why? I dont know, its a toxic relation i HAD to keep going i just had, it felt like an adiction, and of course the sunk cost falacy "i spent so much time on this game (years) and wasted so much time this month i HAVE to get to legend or it will be for nothing). Im going to uninstall after i get my reward and give away my account to some random in reddit.

Thank you for reading my final thoughts and if you want to keep playing thats ok but please just think, is it because the game really makes you happy? Or is it because marketing did their job so well you are addicted to this. I have played all Dark Souls and although im not a pro player and i found those games really hard i enjoyed them, hearthstone? Nup, i did not enjoyed my quest to reach legend at all. And the game is so toxic i would not recommend it.

PD: If after reading this you, yes YOU still want to reach legend for the first time this is the decklist (https://hearthstone-decks.net/big-priest-181-legend-hssorc/), but PLEASE, PLEASE change 1 renew for a Sphere of Sapience it does a world of difference and dont use holy smite it does nothing against the mirror or secret mage, even less against the aggro decks. (With embiggen or a buff smite is useless)

Yeeeh… I guess?

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