I made a ‘Fist of Ra-den Control Shaman Deck’ with a 55% win rate

Content of the article: "I made a ‘Fist of Ra-den Control Shaman Deck’ with a 55% win rate"

For those of you who are just here to see the deck here is the imgur and deck code:

Fist of Ra-den Control Shaman Deck and Deck's Win Rate with 55%

Deck Code: AAECAaoIDu0F/wWyBpMJrZEDuZkDxZkDkKcD27ID5LcD5rcDk8IDnM4DrtIDCIEE6LADgbEDmLkD4MwD4cwDzc4D/tEDAA==

For the last few seasons I have been playing almost exclusively Shaman, a class I have avoided for most of my time playing Hearthstone since the game came out. I actually hit legend for the first time ever using almost exclusively Galakrond Shaman when Ashes of Outland and the Demon Hunter class came out, as this deck to me was one of the best counters early on when the DH class was super OP. I had a 70%+ win rate against DH, and a 63% win rate with the deck as a whole.

The following season I played a lot more Shaman and decided to play more Highlander Shaman, since Highlander decks are some of my favorite type of decks, but this deck only had a 49% win rate. I played Shaman for more of a fun thing not really focused on actually climbing. Both of those decks were net decks that I found and maybe tweaked a bit here and there.

With the release of Scholomance Academy, I wanted to find a new Shaman deck that would be really fun to play and be a viable deck to climb with. I went to HSreplay to find a net deck but could not find one that jumped out to me. I also noticed that Shaman had the lowest win rate as a class overall and that Paladin was the highest. After queuing up on ladder for a little bit, I noticed there were a lot of people playing the Libram Paladin deck that focused on buffing minions heavily.

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So I decided to make a fun and viable Control Shaman deck with the intent to hard counter the Paladin decks that were sporting the highest win rate. I found some of the new Shaman cards that were added in Scholomance Academy were really strong in dealing with the Paladin deck such as Devolving Missiles and Wandmaker combined with Diligent Notetaker. I noticed a lot of the 1-cost spells were really important and useful at dealing with a powerful opponent board and when combined with The Fist of Ra-den Shaman weapon legendary, it would guarantee spawn a Reliquary of Souls, the only 1-cost legendary minion currently in the Standard rotation.

The Reliquary of Souls had multiple purposes of getting minions to stick on the board that the opponent would want to deal with rather than attacking my hero, healing myself when they deal damage, and creating late game walls in the form of Reliquary Primes.

So a lot of the deck focuses on generating and using 1-cost spells to build a board and deal with the opponents board. There aren't many copies of large spells or large minions, rather a focus on minions like Cobalt Spellkin to generate 1-cost spells as well as things like the Marshspawn and Instructor Fireheart to generate situational spells.

The biggest problem with the deck became immediately clear that drawing the legendary weapon was a huge factor in popping off in the game, so there are multiple cards in the deck with the intent to thin out the deck and draw cards such as Mana Tide Totems and Far Sights. I also found some common use with Primordial Studies early on to discover a Bloodmage Thalnos which would usually purpose as a draw effect. Additionally you could discover a Steward of Scrolls off of the Primordial Studies to generate more spell discovery.

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Just to top it all off I added 2 Hoard Pillagers to the deck to re-equip the weapon after using its 4 charges or if an opponent oozed the weapon early on. They some times could be clunk draws and could just server as a 4/2 creature if needed, but I often found getting the Fist of Ra-den re-equipped came in clutch with generating way more value with my spells and closing out a game super hard.

All in all, this deck I made from scrap was just for fun to try and create a viable counter to one of the higher win rate decks currently in the game. It seems to perform best against decks that are more minion focused of course such as Paladin, Demon Hunter, Rogue and even Druid. Struggles a bit against more spell focused decks like Priest and Mage. Don't have stats to back these claims up, just personal feel from playing the deck over 80 games.

I ended up having a ton of fun with it myself and wanted to share with the community to let those who are looking for a fun Shaman deck to try their hand at this one! This is my first big post like this on the subreddit so let me know what you think of the deck! Code and Imgur link for the deck are at the top of the post.

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