Idk what to call this mage deck but I’d like some help optimizing it


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Custom Mage3

Class: Mage

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon

2x (1) Babbling Book

2x (1) Devolving Missiles

2x (1) Kindling Elemental

2x (2) Explosive Sheep

2x (2) Runed Orb

2x (2) Wildfire

2x (3) Arcane Intellect

2x (3) Combustion

2x (4) Fireball

2x (4) Reckless Apprentice

2x (4) Refreshing Spring Water

2x (7) Mask of C'Thun

2x (8) Grand Finale

2x (8) Primordial Protector

1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder

1x (10) Mordresh Fire Eye


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

So I’ve been playing since the new expansion launched and have been having major difficulty climbing I’ve literally tried every type of netdeck except control lock cause it’s expensive… but in my trouble climbing I discovered a really nice combination of cards for mage. I was stuck in silver( usually diamond- low legend) but I was able to climb back to diamond using this deck and I’m honestly having fun. I’ll explain my choices of cards but would like help optimizing the deck if possible.

2x (1) Babbling Book this card has come in clutch providing devolving missiles or combustion when they’re not in hand and useful currently in play. I think this could be replaced for something more fitting the deck though.

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2x (1) Devolving Missiles this card is good against infinite priest and warrior and against watch posts

2x (1) Kindling Elemental this card combos into the elemental grand finale I’ll explain later but this basically allows for more elementals come turn 8

2x (2) Explosive Sheep this card is so good it’s essentially a stall card that discourages your opponent playing minions for that turn because they cause potentially be chunked for 2-5 damage. Super good against aggro

2x (2) Runed Orb this card I feel can be replaced it’s a nice little ping with random generation I don’t like the randomness but the 2 damage is a nice bonus

2x (2) Wildfire pretty much essential to mordresh builds just provides another win condition

2x (3) Arcane Intellect good card generation especially when board is stalled

2x (3) Combustion this card is all around excellent with HP you can almost always get 2-3 damage on adjacent minions

2x (4) Fireball this card can be replaced I feel like I hardly ever use it but it’s nice to chunk minions or close out a game

2x (4) Reckless Apprentice really good card for filling out mordresh requirement aoe is all around good and it hits hero 10/10

2x (4) Refreshing Spring Water this card I feel can be replaced I mostly use it for the card generation this deck has too many minions to rely on getting back the 4 mana but still good

2x (7) Mask of C'Thun I feel like this card can be replaced especially with the addition of frenzy I just had a game where mage secret 4 dropped patron and I basically made a full board for him so maybe I’m a little traumatized but this card is good when opponent has no minions I don’t like relying on randomness killing off minions.

2x (8) Grand Finale the meat and bones of this deck I almost always get this card off with 2-4 (kindlings) elementals thanks to primordial protector tutoring it basically like clown druids board after sotf into clown but 3 turns earlier opop

2x (8) Primordial Protector tutors the finale for this deck also summons an 7-8 drop unless you drew them already which are usually 8/8 themselves

1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder versatile card absolutely essential

1x (10) Mordresh Fire Eye another win condition for this deck I’ve gotten this off a lot more than expected if your opponent has managed to control your board by turn 10 this card is just the cherry on top.

Please comment if you have any suggestions on what this deck really needs im just novice deck builder looking at it in 2d but I know some people here play 3d hearthstone! Please help!

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