I’ve been playing Hearthstone for 6 years, here’s why I’m calling it quits now…

Content of the article: "I’ve been playing Hearthstone for 6 years, here’s why I’m calling it quits now…"

So I started playing HS back in mid 2014, I remember seeing YouTubers playing it and thought it looked fun so I decided to play it myself, I really enjoyed it, even through the most frustrating metas like face hunter and pirate warrior I always came back to play more.

I used to play a lot of constructed and arena, I was pretty bad at arena when I started playing it but watching Kripp's videos helped me improve a lot, actually got my average up to 7-8 wins, but in recent times, since the release of Battlegrounds really, I've only really played BG's, it's loads of fun and has a lot of replayability, despite how unlucky you can get sometimes.

But here's why I'm quitting the game now, I used to pre-order all of the expansions, but since I don't play constructed anymore I've stopped buying them, in fact Darkmoon Faire is the first expansion I haven't bought, but when I logged on yesterday to play some BG's I noticed that my perks were gone, (for anyone unaware the BG's perk allows you to chose from 4 heroes instead of 2 and shows you your BG's stats). I saw that I'd have to pay 2,000 gold (or £13) to reacquire the perks, not only would I have to re-purchase something I already owned but the perks would expire every 4 months, (after the release of a new expansion), and would need to be continually re-purchased.

I don't have a lot of free time to rank up their new battle pass system to get enough gold to buy the perks, and I refuse to pay £13 every 4 months to have an enjoyable experience on something that used to be free, so given that the only game mode I play in HS is no longer F2P I've decided to quit HS.

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So that's it, after more than 6 years of being a dedicated player, spending God only knows how much money on this game, and building a large collection in-game, Blizzards relentless greed has finally driven me away, it's a damn shame because like I said I've enjoyed playing HS even through the worst times in the game, but charging me for the BG's perks coupled with the replacement of the old quest system with a battle pass has made me quit.

I'm really disappointed in Blizz, after the amount of time and money I've put into their game, I can no longer play it.

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