Jack’s 5 Darkmoon Faire wild decks that are overperforming – w/codes!

Content of the article: "Jack’s 5 Darkmoon Faire wild decks that are overperforming – w/codes!"

Hey guys, Jack/jrhsk8 here!

I made a video showing off 5 decks that are working really well right now. Here it is!

In case you just want the codes, here you go:

odd paladin


reno secret mage


big priest


malygos druid


reno priest


Some short comments on each:

Odd paladin is actually very good right now. All the new cards including Yogg, Lothraxion, and Carnival Barker are actually very good. Some said Lothraxion wouldn't see play, and I agree it's not great against aggro. But against control it's absolutely busted!

Reno Secret Mage is a deck that we all knew would get better and it did. Almost all the new secret cards make the cut, and better 1ofs improves reno decks by quite a bit. This deck cleans up aggro but can go face reasonably well if it needs to Sayge is very good, Aluneth is good but not in this list.

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Big Priest is SCARY right now. A lot of people are running GARBAGE lists that, basically, don't run the minion package this one does. There's a lot to be said for why this is better, but take my word and try it out, people are really going to hate this deck a lot in the near future. Also Palm Reading is INSANE discounting Shadow Essence or whatever that 6 mana 5/5 spell is.

Malygos druid hasn't changed a bit but will clean up on Priests. Some people hate Priest and there's a lot of Priest going around, so I wanted to present the option and recommend a solid deck, even if it's nothing new.

And Reno Priest is exactly the same as before. Still top dog, gets better with Insight, which is a very good card. Palm Reading is OK but can be cut, might end up getting cut later.

Thanks guys! I hope this gives you some direction while people are still figuring things out. Meta report will come as soon as I feel like I have a full understanding of the new meta.

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