Jack’s 5 more overperforming darkmoon decks w/codes, or how blizzard made everything you hate Real Good again

Content of the article: "Jack’s 5 more overperforming darkmoon decks w/codes, or how blizzard made everything you hate Real Good again"

hey guys, jack/jrhsk8 here

full video, basically this post

have you ever thought to yourself, "i wish there was aggro druid, darkglare, and big priest on ladder"?

fantastic! because today's overperformers are a real treat:

lasagne darkglare discolock (https://twitter.com/lasagne_hs) AAEBAa35AwKPggPWuQMOMPcEzgfCCNkV1LMCvLYC8tAC/aQDtbkDtrkDy7kD184D0OEDAA==

memnarch galakrond warrior (https://twitter.com/MemnarchHs) AAEBAaPLAwiFF5G8AqqvA+O0A8XAA5XNA5PQA8DeAwvUBcYVgrAC9s8CnfACl5QDmpQD2K0D2q0D/q4D0q8DAA==

frobro tickatus renolock (https://twitter.com/XxFroBro45xX) AAEBAa35Ax6KAdsG3Aa2B44Owg+tEP0RwxaFF+CsAti7At7EAt/EAufLAvLQApfTAujnAsPqApz4AqCAA6GhA/yjA+usA8S5A72+A9fOA+zRA8beA87hAwAA

corbett odd demon hunter (https://twitter.com/corbettgames) AAEBAZvoAwKvBJ74Ag62E/2nA/muA+C8A96+A7rGA9TIA/fIA/LJA9zMA4LQA83dA8/dA9neAwA=

corbett aggro druid (https://twitter.com/corbettgames) AAEBAZICAoQXkbwCDvcD1AXmBeUH6BXNuwL9pwP7rQPpsAPczAP5zAPG0QO50gPK4wMA

Thoughts on each:

Darkglare Discolock: I think the best way to put it is that Discolock got the small upgrade it needed to keep its place in the meta. Wicked Whispers is good, Darkglare, Doomguard, Malchezaar's Imp, Hand of Gul'dan. You can already imagine how this goes… It competes with aggro decks better than you'd think, and it goes "late game" for aggro because you can draw your deck by t10 pretty easily.

Galakrond Warrior: Relatively boring, but bombing out Priests can be a pretty good strategy. Whatley is good, overall this deck is just a solid midrange choice in the meta.

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Tickatus Renolock: I can't say definitively if the changes to accomodate Tickatus make sense. But I can say I've lost a ton of games to FroBro by being consistently ruined by Brann+Tickatus on 9. The anti-combo potential of this deck is insane, so it's worth exploring, and the results are there.

Odd Demon Hunter: There are so many decks in Wild that just fold to being hit in the face really hard before Reno. There are also a lot that don't, but who cares? Your games last 3 minutes anyway. BattMasile hovered top 10 with a list like this, so it's got some promise.

Aggro Druid: You know it, you hate it, well fuck you it's probably way better now. 2 mana fungalmancer looks to be really strong. Bad guy Big Priests and Reno Priests are among the only decks where I truly feel comfortable seeing these guys, and even then they can just embiggen/reader you to the shadow realm.

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My overall meta pick right now though, for those wondering, is Malygos Druid: AAEBAZICCP4BtAPsFeC7AtqdA/22A666A9HhAwtA0wPoFaDNAofOAp7SAr/yAo/2Aoz7Aui6A/DUAwA=

Basically, it beats priest, and sometimes it just moves faster than aggro can kill it. Went from top 300 -> top 50 in 4 hours last night with it.

Anyway, thanks r/wildhearthstone for the support, make sure to support the content if it's helping you!

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