Jandice Barov First Impressions and Tips (13k MMR)

Content of the article: "Jandice Barov First Impressions and Tips (13k MMR)"

So three new heroes dropped today and one of those new heroes is Jandice Barov. Her hero power allows her to swap out a minion on your board with a random minion in Bob's shop at zero gold. The biggest advantage to this however is that your minion maintains all of their buffs and enhancements, so if your minion has a +2/+2 buff on it and you use your hero power on it, you'll buy it again and it keeps the +2/+2 buff.

I played a couple of games with her today and here's some of the tips I picked up with her:

  • Buy all the minions in the shop that you actually want to play (battlecries, demons, beasts) before using your hero power.
  • Hero power is amazing with Amalgadon because if you miss your adaptations and don't get divine shield and poison you can try again and again until you do
  • Using your hero power on a Battlemaster gets you some ridiculous stats and if your opponent doesn't have poisons that minion alone will help you carry some fights
  • Jandice's hero power is amazing with Brann and you can buff up your minions real quickly
  • If your hero power gets you a triple, you can tier up and discover a minion at a higher tier, so I would recommend using your hero power at the beginning of the turn if you have the opportunity for a triple
  • The gamblers that sell for 3 gold are great minions to aim for in the shop when using your hero power
  • If you can find a Deck Swabbie on Turn 1 or 2, buying the deck swabbie, playing it, and using your hero power on the Deck Swabbie is a pretty good reason to stay on Tier 1 for an extra turn without falling behind since on Turn 3 you can buy a minion and tier up for 2 gold.
  • Jandice is great with demons and Wrath Weavers because you're less reliant on rolling and hoping to find demons in the shop
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in my opinion Jandice Barov is incredibly strong and borderline broken. She is definitely a Tier 1 hero, or Tier 2 at worst. If you want to watch one of my games with Jandice Barov at 13k MMR, check it out here: https://youtu.be/UQ8209n5SDM

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