Lack of Arena Leaderboards and Arena Rotation

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Would like to get a response to the following Arena related things from Blizz. Not necessarily u/iksarhs u/chris_attalus but hoping they poke the right people to get things moving on this.

Most recent Leaderboards

As per the Dec-Feb Blog post

"It’s been a little while since our last Arena leaderboard update, and we know it’s been missed in the community. Moving forward, we’re planning to publish a bimonthly Arena leaderboard update so you can keep tabs on all the top players."

So we are expecting "bimonthly" updates, well there's 3 months of data to be published as of today. It's hard to see how this can be any more inconsistent. There is not even a general time frame to the last 2 postings, and the current gap in communication have left everything to the unknown. Assuming a true bi monthly leaderboard, the last period should have been between April 7 to June 7. However, it feels like a totally arbitrary date. I'm not sure how these periods and start/end dates are being determined and it's extremely frustrating for players that make it a goal to reach these.

Some suggestions:

  • Consistency moving forward: Can we please just keep things simple ? This has been a long inconsistent issue for at least a year now. Blogs are published super late, or even missed (where did Sept/Oct/Nov 2019 go?), and now the periods are way more inconsistent then pre-2020. Just make the dates 1st of the month, and end on the last day of the 2nd month. No need to adjust for set introductions, rotations, events, whatever, this at least makes it SIMPLE and people will have the expectation of the start and end time frames, even set the PST end time, no need to adjust to other time zones. Add it to the interns month end tasks so it won't be forgotten.
  • Rotations: Just get rid of this idea if it's not going to be consistent. It's been almost 3 months since Ashes has been released and the rotation was set to Standard format – however rotations were suppose to be a bi-monthly thing as well, so people have been expecting a rotation anywhere from 1-3 weeks now, with no word in sight. With maybe 5-6 weeks before another expansion drops, a rotation now seems totally unnecessary, so just get rid of this idea – keep it simple, keep it standard.
  • Micro adjustments: These are still needed and as a community really appreciate the response time on these especially during the first week of Demon Hunters release. However, these should probably be at least looked at every month in Arena. Currently Demon Hunter is at an abysmal ~40% win rate, where the top classes are around 54-54%. Overall besides Demon Hunter being near unplayable, the other classes are close enough to play ability. This has been on going for many weeks now, so it probably needed to be adjusted at some point. Moving forward, micro adjustments after an expansion makes a lot of sense. Monitoring the results of those adjustments should take place maybe once a month to make sure things are as Blizz wants them to be.
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This in it's current state with random rotations, random leaderboard periods, overly late community blogs, and inconsistent microadjustments makes Arena and the community completely neglected.

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