Legend with Cheap Face Hunter

After muddling around the low ranks trying to get priest to work, I opted to climb with hunter to target warlock and mage. Because of the abundance of mage, and relatively small amounts of paladin, I was able to hit legend fairly quickly with a cheap and very aggressive face hunter. I play on mobile, so unfortunately I have no stats.

Deck List:
2x (1) Adorable Infestation
2x (1) Arcane Shot
2x (1) Demon Companion
2x (1) Intrepid Initiate
2x (1) Pen Flinger
2x (1) Tracking
2x (1) Wolpertinger
2x (1) Wound Prey
2x (2) Cult Neophyte
2x (2) Headhunter's Hatchet
2x (2) Kolkar Pack Runner
2x (2) Quick Shot
2x (4) Piercing Shot
2x (4) Warsong Wrangler
2x (5) Trampling Rhino


General game plan

This plays like face hunter always has. Against any deck that isn’t aggro, prioritise taking the board until you lose it (around turn 5, usually), then focus on face damage with spells. If you are the beat down, let them trade into you. The trick is knowing when to give up on board and start focusing on burn. You’ll run out of resources too quickly if you try to hold the board for too long. Weave in hero powers whenever you can after the initial 4/5 turns. If you are against aggro, try to grab the board, but keep an eye on their life total. If they are prioritising clearing with weapons you can switch to a burn plan and counter lethal them.

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Key cards/Card choices

Pen flinger: when this card is in hand, always see if you can fit it in. Only use this on minions if it will preserve your board early on. Save smaller spells to combo with this on later turns; don’t just throw them out there for mana efficiency.

Cult Neophyte: this card was useful in all of my most common matchups (mage, paladin and warlock). It slows down the opponent, which means you get more time to push damage. It can disrupt clears from mage by pushing combustion to 4 mana, letting you get in another round of damage from your board before being cleared. Against paladin, it disrupts secrets played from hand and blocks a turn 2 Hand of A’dal. Anything that lets you take the board against paladin is gold, because that is the only way you win.

Warsong Wrangler/Trampling Rhino: Wrangler’s only purpose is to pull Trampling Rhino so you can overkill something with low health. With one buff, this is a 7/6 with rush. You’ll get face damage, while developing a threat that has to be dealt with, which again buys you time (if they aren’t killing you, you have more time to kill them). Buffed twice, this can deal up to 8 face damage given the right situation. It also gives an opportunity to convert Adorable Infestation into face damage if you don’t have a pen flinger.

Kolkar Pack Runner: this is a broken card. Combo on three mana with adorable infestation for a 3/4 and two 1/1s. This is the card that makes paladin winnable. Paladin cannot deal three damage from hand on low mana. You can go wide with 1/1s and push face damage to kill them before their heals.

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No Sunscale Raptor: often times you’ll be topdecking for the last couple of points of damage. This means anything that gets added to your deck that isn’t damage is lowering your consistency.

No ooze/secret counter: same reasons as above. Everything in this deck is for damage, or to enable damage. Anything that doesn’t do that doesn’t have a place.

Key Matchups

VS Mage: Mulligan for 1 drops. Position Kolkar and Initiates so at least one is preserved after a Combustion or Cone of Cold. You will win by doing damage with an early board and finishing them off with spells at around turn 8. Don’t trigger Ice Barrier unless you can do over 8 damage with minions/weapons. This usually means leaving the secret up and just chipping them down.

The way you lose is to high rolling DOL shenanigans (heal, big board plays, RNG taunts from Apexis Blast), but that can’t be helped. You’ll also lose to too much spell damage. Mages with the right hand can set up counter lethals with Mask of Cthun/fireballs. Clear spell damage if you can do so efficiently, but this is usually a job for your Rhinos or Piercing Shots.

VS Warlock: ignore their minions, go face. You will lose to their healing sometimes. Cultist on 2/3 can preserve your board and let you push damage before being cleared.

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VS Paladin: you need a good hand to stand a chance. Look for 1 drop into either Cultist or Kolkar. Clear their minions aggressively and take the board at any cost. If you can stick a Kolkar you can win. Your 1 cost spells can get Yogg’d into whirlwind so be wary of that.

You will lose to paladin a lot. Read your local meta a decide whether this deck is worth it.

Any questions, please ask!


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