Let us Arena players get in on hating on Blizzard. 18 DMF cards missing from Arena + way too many Clowns and Rabbits, and lazy-ass achievements.

Content of the article: "Let us Arena players get in on hating on Blizzard. 18 DMF cards missing from Arena + way too many Clowns and Rabbits, and lazy-ass achievements."


Point 1: Missing Cards: It has been 48 hours since DMF came out. There are 18 cards here that have not been drafted at all. When this happens, this means that these cards are not draftable. Yrel is the only card that might be excluded intentionally since Blizzard had excluded certain unobtainable effect cards like Pure Paladin in the past, but that is 17 cards missing. I even checked with ZDman who runs Arenadrafts, and he confirmed that these cards have not shown up in any drafts in the 43k runs he's looked through so far.

Notably, for Shaman, which got arguably the best cards in the set, 3 of the best cards they got, that being Dunk Tank, Stormstrike, and Whack-a-Gnoll hammer, are not showing up. So the entire reason to play Shaman in Arena in DMF is fucked, because their 3 best cards are gone, and 2 more cards, Cagematch Custodian and Deathmatch Pavilion, rely on premium weapons like Whack-a-Gnoll hammer to activate them.

Point 2: Too Many Epics:


Less data here, I haven't asked ZDman to try to look at the data so far, but these are the most popular DMF neutral cards. What is notable is that 3 of the top 10 are Epics, being Horrendous Growth, Carnival Clown, and Darkmoon Rabbit. This never happens. Primordial Drake, when it was the best Epic in the game, with an offering bonus, was never this high. And if you go by class cards, you'll see in multiple classes, the most popular card is an Epic. There have been insane Epics in the past. They have never been the most popular card in their class. There is clearly a bug in offering rates with Epics in Arena.

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Of note, this is exclusively with DMF cards. If you take a look at only the Scholomance Academy set, the most popular neutral common, Plagued Protodrake, shows up 5.5 times as much as Transfer Student, even though they are at worse comparable cards, compared to Claw Machine, one of the best commons ever printed, only showing up 1.43x as much as Horrendous Growth, quite frankly an only above average card.

Among class cards, from Old Gods, 8 mana Call of the Wild, one of the best cards ever printed in HS history, only shows up in 12.7% of Hunter decks. Blood of G'hunn, a great card but no 8 mana COTW, shows up in 27.6% of Priest decks.

Point 3: The new system erased our Arena wins and replaced it with shitty lazy achievements.

I don't play Arena all the time, but Arena has been my primary game mode since Open Beta in HS. I had accumulated around 10,000 wins on NA and 6-8k wins on Asia. And that's all gone. The new Achievement system wiped my total accumulation of wins, and did so for many other players. There are players with 20, 30k wins, and they lost all of it to the new system. Ranked kept its total wins per class, but they couldn't fucking bother to keep our total Arena wins. And what did they replace it with?

The Arena achievements are win 12 games with a class, win a shit-ton of games, and go 12-0 with a class. That's it.

Those are the only fucking achievements we got. No reverse gentleman sweep going 0-2 to 12-2, no achievements for going Full Kripp and drafting 7 of the same card as he infamously did with Flamestrike or any other draft specific achievements, no arena-specific achievements for in-game actions like BGs has with the 60/60 tabby cat, no Achievements for facing the same player 2 or 3 times in a single Arena run (which has happened purely on accident), nothing. Just win games. The laziest fucking achievements in the world, with not a single ounce of thought put into it.

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Blizzard, even if you have no ideas, can't you just brainstorm from Arena players? There's only a few of us left because you drove off all the massive Arena players (Kripp, Amaz, Hafu, along with many others who defected to BGs cause you actually care about it) with your poor handling of the gamemode for years. The ones that are left obviously care about the mode deeply even though we have no reason to. We have ideas. We have experience. We could come up with stuff to put into the game. Instead you delete a source of pride for many long-standing players and replace with the laziest fucking shit possible.


Hey, people hating on Blizzard for their horrible handling of the Gold/New System: Join the club, Arena players have been hating on Blizzard for years with just cause. I have an entire reputation based on calling Blizzard out for fucking up in Arena over and over again, having massive bugs in their offering rates that they spend months without noticing or fixing. My most recent rant among other things pointed out how, for what ended up being a year, certain cards like Evasive Wyrm were showing up half as much as they should've, Blizzard knowing, and not bothering to fix it. We want our pound of flesh too, let us in on the fun. We'll even bring our own pitchforks and torches, we got stockpiles of them. Let us get on the Blizzard hate train too.

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