Let’s talk about Jade Rogue.

First of all hello I'm marko and Rogue is my favourite class. One of the decks that I love playing is jade rogue, but it always had a small problem. It sucked pretty bad. Rogue was the weakest jade class, because it had one jade summoning card less than Shaman and Druid. From my understanding jades are not super good in the early game but they can scale and make big stats in the late game. Unfortunately Rogue has no conventional way of doing this, the smaller amount of jade cards slows the scaling down and reaching the late game where you could go infinite without Lab Recruiter is hard since not a lot of decks go to fatigue in wild. But after playing and tinkering for a few weeks I've come up with a few Jade Rogue decks that I think could be somewhat viable. I've put them in order from most to least viable, and also I'll talk about every deck a little bit.

  1. stealth-jade (with Waxadred) AAEBAZvDAwSUvQLArgPZ0QPD4QMNiAfiB8sWz7wC+b0C+r0Cl8ECubgDurgDz7kDqssD390D590DAA==

This is the deck that is giving me most hope in jade rogue. The stealth package combines very well with the jade package, you use your stealth stuff in the early game and you slowly curve into jades. This version of the deck doesn't run Lab Recruiter, but it has no need for it since you're closing games out before you need to go infinite. Waxadred is more of a meme than a card that you should actually be running in this deck, BUT it certainly can win some games on its own. Also you can use Unearthed Raptor to copy it's deathrattle and have up to 3 of them coming back. In the end if you're looking to play jade rogue this is the way. The list could still use some refinement but it's probably as good as it gets.

  1. weapon dr jade AAEBAZvDAwT6DoUXlL0Cw+EDDbQB7QLPvAL5vQL6vQLl0QLb4wLe+gLg+gL1pwO7rgPf3QPn3QMA
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Weapon deathrattle rogue has a bit more agressive jade game plan and It's more focused on that. You use your necrium blade and necrium apothecary to get extra copies of jades and scale them faster. This deck has Lab Recruiter giving it the ability to go infinite, but again you're very likely to close out games before that matters.

  1. Shuffle jade AAEBAZvDAwb6DoASlL0Cr5EDwK4Dw+EDDLQB7QLPvAL5vQL6vQLb4wLg+gL1pwO+rgOqywPf3QPn3QMA

This is where we already start getting to the more janky stuff. Shuffle jade has a similar plan to the weapon deathrattle version above but instead of focusing on the deathrattles it focuses on shuffling jade summoning cards into your deck. It works in slower matchups but generally it's pretty bad.

  1. galakrond n'zoth jade AAEBAZvDAwbgrAKUvQKSlwPjtAPLwAPD4QMMz7wC+b0C+r0CxfMC4PoCj5cDoaED9acDqq8Dzq8D390D590DAA==

Galakrond N'zoth jade in theory works but it's not the jades that win the game, it's the galakrond package. You usually want to use your lab recruiter to shuffle extra copies of Kronx, Togwaggle or Aya. I put this one last because it needs a lot of refinement and I haven't actually played it enough to evaluate its power level.

Conclusion : Jade rogue is not the best archetype out there but it's certainly an interesting one that's worth checking out if you have the cards. The Darkmoon Faire gave us some cool cards like Foxie Fraud, Swinde and Tenwu that fit into the deck very well and make it just a little bit better.

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Thank you for reading and if you have any recommendations for making any of these lists better please leave a comment.

Bye. 🙂

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