Lustlock / Mill Warlock: The extremely fun Metabreaker!

Are you tired of linear deck, where every match feels like you're doing the same thing? Are you looking for a fun deck that does crazy things? Well, look no further. Because Lustlock/Mill Warlock is gonna be your jam. This deck is extremely fun, and you have several win condition. Every game with this deck is gonna be different and interesting.

I started with this deck at low legend, and it was tricky to pilot at first. However, once you know how to play it can be extremely powerful and fun. Over the course of last few days, I have played around 65 games with this deck, with a winrate of around 60%. I have been steadily climbing the ranks, facing paladins and warriors the most.


So why did I call it Lustlock?

I love the sound of it. The amount of healing, drawing and burning of cards you do is kinda ridiculous. Tamsin is your babe in all matchups. And those sexy Imps and Infernals can easily smack Anduin out of the client. You lust for that draw, you lust for that heal, you lust for burning cards, and most important you lust for Dr. J.

### Deck? What Deck?

# Class: Warlock

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 2x (1) Altar of Fire

# 2x (1) Armor Vendor

# 2x (1) Mortal Coil

# 1x (2) Bloodmage Thalnos

# 2x (2) Drain Soul

# 2x (3) Backfire

# 2x (3) Blood Shard Bristleback

# 2x (3) Death's Head Cultist

# 2x (3) Hysteria

# 1x (3) Tamsin Roame

# 2x (4) Soul Rend

# 1x (5) Envoy Rustwix

# 1x (5) Neeru Fireblade

# 1x (5) Siphon Soul

# 2x (6) Barrens Scavenger

# 1x (6) Tickatus

# 1x (7) Silas Darkmoon

# 2x (8) Twisting Nether




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Key Cards

Altar of Fire: This is a great card in almost all matchups. Against Paladin, Rogue, Hunter and Demon Hunter you can squeeze this in any time you want. They NEED most of their cards, rogue especially, you don't. Against control matchups, like priest, it is an excellent late game tool to get them closer to fatigue.

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Backfire: This card lowkey makes this deck work. In most matchups, coin + backfire or playing it on curve is a correct play. Coin can clog up your hand with the amount of cards you draw early on, and there aren't early plays that need it. The only match up where I felt I needed to save the coin was against OTK demon hunter, so I can corrupt my Tickatus sooner.

Bloodshard Bristleback: If backfire lowkey makes the deckwork, this card highkey makes the deck work. Heal + removal = good.

Soul Rend: Against aggro, you mulligan for this card. Don't be scared about burning your key cards. Against other matchups you have to get used to playing it at the correct time. Once you play this deck enough it will get intuitive. I would like to show a game against token druid, where I went to fatigue on turn 7 and still won with 1 health. It was a really close match, but it shows burning a ton of cards with soul rend isn't too bad. Some luck was involved too, but thats just HS in a nutshell.

Replay: https://hsreplay.net/replay/LWzbBB7NYjfGqLertbq629

Envoy Rustwix: You usually don't want to burn this. It is an excellent anti fatigue card for those close games, and there is even a possibility for going infinite against control matchups. It is one of your late game win condition.

Neeru Fireblade: This is also one of your win condition, but I want to emphasize that this isn't your only win condition. This card might make it seem like the ultimate goal of your deck is to get to 0 cards and play this. This is far from true. The goal of your deck is to get to 10 cards fast, so you can start making powerplays and you have several win conditions there. That being said, if you can get the effect in any matchup, go for it. This card has far more importance against control decks, otherwise don't be too upset if you burn it.

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Tickatus: You usually want to play this corrupted if you can. Almost all decks in the current meta cant afford to lose their cards. Rogue needs their entire deck to usually beat you, paladin burning their hammers and conviction is backbreaking, and hunters can afford to lose a single rhino or their burn spells. Tempo tick is a rare thing for this deck, as you can get to 10 cards without the help of tick pretty easily. You will know the match where tempo tick is the way, as it would be a obvious play. Dont keep this in your hand, unless you're against priest or demon hunter.

Silas: This is the best tech card in this deck. Against warrior you wanna get their rattlegore or troublemaker. Against every other matchup, you just have to wait for the perfect opportunity like getting taunt, or rush minions. It might look like a weak addition, but make no mistake this card will carry you to victory in several games.

Lord Jaraxxus: INFERNAL!


Against Aggro: Soul Rend, Armor Vendor, (Don't look for back fire, but if you have it keep it)

Against Control: Backfire


Palladin: You're favored here if you have soul rend. Keep control and play around secrets as much as possible. Altar of Fire should be played anytime you can. Once you get to 10 cards, you can stabilize and heal.

Hunter: this deck can out heal hunter's damage easily. Don't play low health minion, like bloodmage, if you suspect rhino is in hand. Altar of fire away whenever you can. Tamsin for mega heal.

Demon Hunter: The only way to win against OTK Dh is to burn their combo pieces. Deathrattle DH is easier to beat, but still challenging. There is hybrid OTK deathrattle list that people are playing so be vary, and just burn their cards whenever you can with Altar.

Priest: Play corrupted tickatus and save Altar for late game. Smack them with 6/6 and infinite 3/2. Envoy should be killed the turn its played. you dont want them silencing or copying it. You usually wont lose this match.

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Mage: You want to silas their 5/5 deathrattle card and heal a ton. Dont leave a empty board post turn 5.

Rogue: The Alex + tenwu combo can be fatal for you. Burn their cards whenever you get the opportunity. All their cards are far too valuable for them to lose.

Warrior: Get your heal game on and beware of ETC. Twisting Nether and hysteria are your friends. Save Silas for rattlegore. some list run it, some dont.

Druid: Haven't faced a lot of druids. Some of them are running a clown list, which is pretty difficult to beat, unless you burn one of their clown or ysharj. After that its just a game about using your removal efficiently.

Warlock: I haven't faced a mirror yet, but you smack the shit out of control warlock.

This is deck takes a while to get used, so take your time. A quick tip: Envoy + Soul Rend doesn't burn the shuffled cards.

I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I will edit them out over the course of the day.

Have Fun!


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