Mercenaries opinion (about 12h PvE gameplay)

i'm sure there's a million threads about this, i'm gonna post anyway, maybe a blizz guy sees it as well…

i'm listing the fun and flawed parts

fun and cool stuff:

  • lots of comps, synergies exist though there's obviously some meta right now which doesn't make it too great (in games like slay the spire you can make a lot of builds work without having pre defined comps everytime). i'm not looking up builds online so i could be totally wrong here, watching streams though

  • many iconic characters to choose from (i am a warcraft 3 and diablo fanatic)

  • 3 class double damage thingy feels kinda cool and promotes decision making

actually there isn't too much fun, cool or original stuff compared to other "similar" games


  • this game certainly screams BETA more than duels and battlegrounds combined

  • boons (the upgrades you gain along your path like "casters gain divine shield") can be twice the same and i'm sure it's an oversight because getting windfury on fighters twice in one run doesn't seem right

  • "mystery" points on the path are kinda boring and misplaced (revive after the first fight, warp directly before the boss??) – also you're forced to accept what you get and i don't like every run to be a hot potato game tbh

  • animated portraits are cool but the whole combat just looks so dull and you can't really tell what's going on before the fight starts. enemies do their stuff but there is certainly some UI missing for better understanding what's going on

  • hero upgrades throughout the run often offer upgrades although one version is the superior of the other (f. e. one of 3 says " your horde characters gain +x/+x" and the one next to it offers "your horde characters gain +x/+x and they take 2 less damage")

  • hero passive upgrades come with achievements.. to activate them you have to visit the progression screen on the hearthstone startup UI.. who came up with this.. i had characters unlocked to 30 and didn't know they had a new item unlocked

  • THERE IS SO MUCH EMPTY SPACE – seriously, you have stunning art and all you get is a board that's huge af and tiny characters "fighting" on it. make the card art more visible, bigger heroes or just use the empty space for UI stuff. mobile can't be the problem here

  • fights are visually completely boring. also it's super fast. in my first matches i didn't know what the hell was going on

  • you can't really get the heroes you want right away (i'd love to try a murloc comp but i just own 2)

  • fights are repetitive and the class icon above the unit icon on the paths is irritating. i fought those owl/furbolg guys like 4 times in the same run – labeled as blue for casters and what i got were always 3 different classes

  • tooltips… for the love of god. if a tooltip is referencing another keyword or unit, show the explanation. suddenly a root comes up and i have never heard it before

  • alliance / horde comparison problem has been discussed much here – no idea who's team horde and who's team alliance – another missing UI!!

  • the whole clicking around in hearthstone manner… you can't easily access any location around the campfire (mailbox, the pit, the travel point) from wherever you are. you need to go back 50 times to get where you wanna be

actually there's way more for sure but i don't remember anything else right now.

overall i appreciate the effort on this mode but i don't see it being exciting in a week or so. no real reward system, fights feel kinda pointless

i'm gonna compare it now to monster train or slay the spire though i know they're completely different to this.

in slay the spire you get rewarded after every fight and you FEEL the change. in mercenaries you get a hero upgrade on a character you're probably not even using much or you're waiting for the xyrella searing light upgrade (lol)

mercenaries needs a LOT of work, in its current state it doesn't even compete with duels. i assume a lot is going to happen (luckily) because this whole mode probably was a shitton of work to stomp out of nothing

it's a fun mode but it's missing way too many things to be still interesting in a couple of weeks.


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