Midrange Shaman

Shaman right now has a lot of really strong midrange tools (Whack-a-Knoll, Serpentshrine, Mistrunner, Inara, Gidra), which led me to want to create a strong deck using the bulk of these cards. It’s essentially just a deck that contains Shamans best cards as well as some strong neutral cards like Crabrider and Alexstraza. I’ve had a lot of success, close to 80% win rate while climbing. And I’ll admit this will not be the most in depth post on this subreddit as it is my first one and the sample size should be larger, but I am eager to share this list as I feel really strongly about it.


Class: Shaman

Format: Standard

Year of the Gryphon

2x (1) Devolving Missiles

2x (1) Guardian Augmerchant

2x (1) Spawnpool Forager

2x (2) Chain Lightning (Rank 1)

2x (2) Crabrider

2x (2) Toad of the Wilds

2x (3) Feral Spirit

2x (3) Serpentshrine Portal

1x (3) Speaker Gidra

2x (3) Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer

2x (4) Dunk Tank

2x (4) Vivid Spores

1x (5) Inara Stormcrash

2x (5) Mistrunner

2x (5) Totem Goliath

1x (8) Al'Akir the Windlord

1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

I don’t think the list is perfect yet, but this deck has been absolutely crushing most opponents on my climb back up to diamond. Some short commentary on the deck.

Early Game:

Devolving Missiles is run as two of as its shamans most effective way of dealing with big taunts and deathrattles. It almost always has a usage in every matchup and is just too good to not run two of.

Guardian Augmerchant: Really strong card in general, just great for sustaining board control which this deck is all about.

Spawnpool Forager: Kind of a nutty one drop to be honest, mainly needs to be held in Paladin and Hunter matchups and straight up wins trades with their respective most popular one drops.

Chain Lightning: Underrated card, essentially a better cleave that gets better as the game goes on. It’s still best used early to get the board against previously meantioned Hunter and Paladin.

Toad of the Wilds: Yeah this one sort of surprised me but almost every spell in this deck is nature, so it almost always procs early game. Really strong early board control option, but admittedly a bad draw when you’re running low on cards.

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Crabrider: Its Crabrider. Strong synergy with hammer and Mistrunner.


Serpentshrine and Whack-a-Knoll: I think these cards are auto included in every shaman deck so not a lot of explanation should be needed. I should note Whack-a-Knoll is very strong with Crabrider and should be kept together.

Feral Spirit: I added this card without even realizing it’s Overload (1) now. I hadn’t noticed that buff being introduced in core. This card is probably the straight up best turn three play in the deck as with the overload only being one you can easily play one the two strong three drops mentioned above while gaining a huge board, as well the main four drop of this deck is not one to really tobe played on turn four anyways.

Speaker Gidra: I have a strong belief that this card is an auto include in every shaman deck. Very flexible, can be dropped on three and causes every single class to crap their pants and do everything to clear it. Strong late game in tandem with one of the four drop or three drop spells for some clearing. Not much else to say this card is just great.

Dunk Tank: Much like Serpentshrine, it seems like this card ends up in every list. Just generally incredibly strong for face damage and board control.

Vivid Spores: If there was any card I would most have to explain to someone, this is the one. And to be honest, if I had Fireheart in my collection one copy of this would likely be replaced by her. But, this card is actually pretty strong, even on curve for turn four sometimes. Strong synergy with feral spirit, Totem Goliath and Crabrider actually. Straight up wins matchups versus Hunter and Paladin when played on a strong board (which is not hard to get with this decks early game options). Overall, pretty good, maybe use Fireheart if you have her instead.

Inara: Good card, good tempo, good burst. She’s not ultra powerful and she is more so used just to get the board with the windfury damage she gives and not for bursting face. I don’t feel super strong about this card and if you do not have her, her replacement shouldn’t be a huge deal with a different powerful legendary (taelan could work potentially).

Mistrunner: Surprised how this card seems to fly under the radar. It’s incredibly similar to Bonemare in power and application. Now I would be nuts and a liar if I said it’s as strong as pre nerf Bonemare but it’s still pretty damn strong. This card wins boards and it wins games, sticking 3/3 on Crabrider or Gidra is a great option. Can be used on taunts against more aggressive decks. I love this card so much.

Totem Goliath: Yeah there is not a ton of synergy with other cards in the deck, but I’d argue that this cards sheer board presence is good enough to be the premier five drop of the deck. There’s really no ideal way of dealing with it besides Devolving Missiles from other Shamans and Mages. Could honestly be held against warriors and it would not be bad.

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Al-Akir: Actually pretty good with the buff options in the deck. Can finish games and regain board. Godsend when topdecked late game.

Alex: It seems like she manages to fall into every deck. Not much to say here, flexible, good burst and board presence late game.

In terms of matchups, the only one I’m really unsure about is Demon Hunter. It seems to be pretty much even with both main variants, but I had strong draws generally in these matchups and don’t want to make a definitive claim.

Good matchups:

Hunter: Kind of has all the hallmarks to stop hunters assault early game. The only thing missing is some healing for late game face damage but this has only been an issue in one game. Mulligan for early game cards, Spawnpool Forager is the best one possible, Crabrider is a keep as well. Feral Spirits best matchup.

Paladin: Yeah I do think this beats Secret Paladin. Your early game is just better. Oh My Yogg can cause issues mid game but generally if you can get a strong 1,2,3 curve you’re in a fantastic position. Vivid Spores is strongest in this matchup as well. Mulligan for cards to take the early game.

Warlock: Warlock does not really have the early game removal to deal with your minions. It’s best options deal 3 damage while Crabrider, Gidra and Toad all have four. It will usually take a combo of shear or the lifesteal spell as well as school spirits to deal with these cards. It’s very easy to take the board and never relinquish it. Playing around hysteria is very important however. Early game dominance shines here as well, but holding onto Gidra and potentially Mistrunner is not a bad idea.

Shamans: Other shamans lists can’t do much against this, this list beats murlocs as long as you use chain lightning and Serpentshrine effectively. You rarely ever come across shamans, and maybe a control variant would be strong agaisnt this but I had not run into one.

Rogue: Rogue just can’t do much against this deck. It’s board gets bullied and if it’s the poison variant, there are usually too many taunts for it to go through efficiently. Secret rogue can not compete.

Meh Matchups:

Druid: Token Druid does have the ability to take the board from this deck early on and it can lead to a steamroll, but this is highly dependent on their draws. They seem to do best when they just unload their entire hand. There are ways of catch-up though through chain lightning, whack-a-knoll and dunk tank but Arbor up causes lots of problems on a board with literally anything on it. Mulligan for early game.

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Warrior: I’ve seen this go both ways. Rush absolutely has the ability to run you off the board with conditioning a lot of small rush minions and playmaker big plays. But it also has no great ways of dealing with a lot of your early game hitters if they’re played on curve like Crabrider and Toad. I would assume this matchup is close to 50 split.


Mage: Yeah no beating around the bush, this is not fun to play against. Mage does have the ability to beat down your board unlike most other classes. It’s variety of freezes and damage dealing cheap spells make it really hard to ever hold the board. It has the most efficient ways of dealing with your bigger drops too like Totem Golitath. I have not won a matchup where they got deck of lunacy early I should add. Just too many board clears tend to crop up when that card is played. It’s not un-winnable, but it’s just not fun to play against.

Priest: I just hate playing against priest because there is essentially no way of actually judging whether you’re in a winning position or not. A strong start to a game from miracle priest does not bode well for wins. Samuro + apotheosis is also essentially a game over as it basically perfectly clears most boards you can make with this deck. Again not unwinnable like mage, but I prefer having a small semblance of what my opponent will play.

For anyone who has read a large chunk of this, I hope it has maybe peeled your interest and I hope you will give this deck a shot. It has been the most fun I have had playing since the new expansion was released. And while I don’t think this is perfect, and the win rate is almost definitely skewed as a lot of games were during the period of climbing ranks, I think this deck or a deck similar to this has a lot of potential.

That’s my not very professional deck write-up, I hope you try it out. If you do leave a comment saying what could be changed. <3


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