Mozaki mage deck guide and evaluation

Hi all! I've posted a few times on the sub where I've talked and discussed my favorite (usually homebrewn) decks. Recently I didn't find the meta that appealing so I switched off from standard into other modes entirely. Then as I was browsing my collection I saw Mozaki, decided to find a good list and start from there in building a strong deck.

The list I decided to use in order to climb all the way to Diamond 2 in one sitting is here:



Slightly dependent on the matchup. Always keep Incanter's flow and AI. Incanter's Flow is the hard carry of the list. Feel free to coin it out whenever possible, unless your curve can utilize the coin in a much better way. Once reduced by the Incanter's Flow, feel free to save up all the Conjure Mana Biscuits. Since all of your combo/draw turns include Sorcerer's Apprentice it'll cost 0 and grants you either another draw or another spell damage prock.

Against slower decks like Priest, Paladin and usually Warlock always keep Mozaki in the opening hand. Slower decks allow you to also keep an Auctioneer, especially when on coin. Auctioneer + Biscuit + Apprentice can easily draw you 10+ cards in one turn all while clearing your opponents board and building up your own. Against faster decks, you can keep a Magic trick when going first to help you discover Biscuits and/or Incanter's Flow.

Matchup against other classes


Most of the aggro decks I've faced were either Rogue or Hunter. Hunter was relatively easy to beat each time, don't think I've lost against a single one. You outpace them by utilizing your freeze effects and otk them before they can chip you down. Remember, pressure plate exists and you can test for it with Mirror image, unless you're against Face hunters.


Rogues are a bit more tricky than Hunters are as they have way more face damage than other decks in the meta and preferably you tend to keep the frostbolts for the otk. But if you're 1 mana off getting your full combo active feel free to use the frostbolts defensively. Another issue this deck faces against rogues is their amount of reach damage, sometimes you're dead from 10+ health and everything frozen, it happens.


Paladins have a few decks that I came up against. Libram, Pure, Ramp and Duel Pallys were what I faced, as far as I can recall. The only two decks I lost against were one Ramp Druid (I missed lethal in the combo turn by miscalculating my mana) and one Duel Pally that pulled out my Mozaki and killed it the following turn. Besides that Paladins were an easy target. They can rarely kill you by the time you set the combo up, just remember to properly utilize your freezes and soak up as much damage as possible in the meantime.

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The biggest issue most people have against Druids is similar as they do against Warlocks, you never know how to properly mulligan. Well, fortunately this list always looks for the same cards to start the game. No matter which druid you play against, all your chances double once you find Incanter's Flow in the mulligan phase.


Faced a decent amount of Shamans too. Some combo, some aggro/spell damage, but none as fast as you are. A very good matchup.


The only loss was against a spell maze list that coined deck of lunacy on one, played a board full of elementals generated by Font of power turn 4 into 4 8/8s turn 5 from a 5 mana Grand Finale. Couldn't even be mad at it. Funnily, one frost nova would've won me the game as I had already had Mozaki, Sorcs Apprentice, a biscuit and a 2 mana Cram Session on 5 mana.

Demon hunters

Faced only but a couple aggro DHs and managed to beat them all. Ilgynoth otk is quite fast but you usually manage to get your combo up faster.


Usually Tickatus/Cthun with a few Zoolocks. Tickatus is an easy matchup, the soonest they can Tickatus' your deck is turn 7 and by then you usually have a way to draw the cards you need for the combo. On the contrary, zoo is fast, but very limited with reach (only two soulfires) so you can freeze threatening boards untill you get to the combo. Sometimes you manage to plan out a 2 turn lethal against aggro by locking their board up and filling your own with Mirror Images. The only way they kill Mozaki is by casting both soulfires onto it, which you can either play around or bet on the opponent not being extremely lucky.


Again, a decent matchup. Bomb warriors cause some trouble but it's very beatable. Other warriors don't have enough pressure nor life gain to disrupt you.


Illucia is my all time favorite card, but it's the biggest counter to this deck. Against priests that don't (or shouldn't) run Illucia, feel free to draw your deck out with an Auctioneer. Against highlander/rally or 0 mana card priests plan out a otk where you utilize cram session to prevent the potential disruption.

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Overall impression

Well, firstly the deck was very fun to play with. The current meta isn't that fast which allows decks that rely on value and/or ramping up into powerful stuff to make up the majority of the matchups. Which is where an OTK deck prevails. Mozaki mage is a rapid OTK list. In 80% of the games you win, you do it by turn 8. Earliest I ever had it done was turn 5. In most matchups you draw and use 29 (sometimes all 30) cards in your deck. Make sure to carefully plan out your turns, sometimes you can afford to use both Cram Sessions and use your Auctioneer to draw through your entire deck gathering up the spells necessary for the OTK. Always be vary of your handspace, I've had to shame concede twice when I've overdrawn Mozaki. However, once you do pull Mozaki and you can plan your OTK (usually Mozaki + Apprentice + Reach + Biscuit + either draw or evocation) stop drawing with Auctioneer. Burning a card doesn't matter in such scenarios as you can usually utilize that one extra draw for more reach damage. During your otk turn, count up your mana carefully. I've lost more games than I should've by miscounting the mana I have available and casting a 1 mana frost nova to boost up my spell damage which prevented me from playing a 17 dmg frostbolt. Planning out your turns ahead allow you to play your cards in the correct order too, Devolving missiles always goes before Freezes, Frost Nova always goes before Rays of Frost.. this way you maximize damage and in most cases every single damage point counts.

The deck on itself plays like good old freeze mage combined with Miracle swings that Apprentice + Auctioneer allow you to make as early as turn 5.

Evocation is one of the best cards in the list, whether it's looking for an answer before your OTK or looking for more burst during your OTK, the card drastically improves your consistency.

Overall, I'm more than impressed with the list. The way I see it no matchup is a straight up loss and with a good mulligan you're almost guaranteed to win early. I've experimented with a few different cards, tried running some secrets + Ancient Mysteries, ran one Primordial studies but rarely ever used the minion. Frost nova made the deck much more consistent than the secrets package did.

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Unfortunately, I was doing my climb (and writing this post) on my phone and currently (as I'm aware) there are no working decktrackers available for android. However, I've took screenshots of some of the wins after Diamond 5 in order to make a collage. The picture is here: https://imgur.com/gallery/jf6yqvC

The deck is definitely capable of reaching legend, without much of a grind either. I'm confident to reach it with a decent mmr on my next sitting. From Diamond 5 onwards a friend was spectating my games and kept track of my winrate, my win to loss ratio was 12-3.

Now, if anybody knows of any working deck trackers for android please feel free to PM me or write a comment about it.

To summarize, Mozaki freeze mage is the deck to play with in the current meta. The biggest advice I can give is you should hard mulligan for Incanter's flow no matter what you're up against.

Feel free to discuss your own experience with the deck and I'll try to answer and engage as much as possible.

I do apologize for any formatting/grammatical errors I've made, as stated above I've written this on my phone.

Thank you for reading, good luck on your climbs!

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